Winter-proof hair with AVEDA Smooth Infusion

My hair is all kinds of crazy right now. As I’ve thick and heavy hair, I always need it to be a little dry to have some texture (otherwise, it’s just a mop on my head). But then, not too dry as that isn’t a good nor healthy look either. I’ve been using the Smooth Infusion range by AVEDA every other day and my hair likes it a lot, so here’s the full story.

I like that Aveda’s hair care products are all plant-based so they’re very efficient yet gentle for my hair. The Smooth Infusion range cleanses my hair in a soft way and it’s not weighing my hair down at the same time either, so it definitely gets a thumbs up for that. I must add that I don’t have curly or particularly frizzy hair but as I said, it needs something extra because it’s very dry.

IMG_0420 copy

Out of the whole range, I especially like the shampoo because it’s soft, hydrating but not making my hair heavier. The conditioner was also a great discovery but I only use it once a week or so, because otherwise I my hair gets too comfy and there’s no texture left. Then the masque became a favourite of mine over time, I prefer to use this one on a Sunday when I prepare my hair for the week ahead and it just needs a proper boost. This one does the trick in the best way possible: nourishing but not overwhelmingly thick.

By the way, there’s a new AVEDA store coming to Antwerp! It’s opening on Thursday, right next to the new Bobbi Brown Store. How cool is that? As they’ll also stock the skincare range of AVEDA, that I need to check out asap, I’ve already planned a visit. See you there?

*opening soon*
Korte Gasthuisstraat 43, Antwerp

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