About that whole daily sunscreen thing

A couple of weeks ago, more or less at the same time that Glossier launched its “daily sunscreen”, there was this whole sunscreen movement. Sunscreen all day, every day. How much? How often? In a can, tube or spray? It was a thing. It feels like the storm has passed but nevertheless, I want to know from you and I want to share my two cents on the matter.

I never had a beach holiday without liters of sunscreen. When I’m planning to be in the sun, I try to protect my skin. Mainly because I don’t want to look like a lobster by the end of the day, but I’m also aware of the damage the sun can do. I have to thank all the brands that do an effort to educate us all on the matter. My skin has been analyzed, scanned and poked at to determine sun damage that isn’t visible yet, but will show when I’m aging. With horrifying pictures as a result. But, they do the trick.

A month ago, I didn’t use sunscreen daily. The “daily sunscreens” I know are thick and leave white traces. It’s an extra layer and my oily, acne prone skin doesn’t approve. The last one I tested was by Alpha-H, their Essential Moisturizer with SPF50. Thick, white. Didn’t like it. After that, the Origins A Perfect World moisturizer with SPF40 (article here) came along. My skin could get along with the texture but it was still a rather thick formula.

In the midst of all this sunscreen awareness, Glossier was launching a sunscreen they called revolutionary. One that was intended for daily use, non-white and good smelling. As a fan of the brand, I could not not try it. I’ve ordered the Glossier Invisible Shield SPF35 daily sunscreen+ and because I wanted to encourage myself to use it daily, I even ordered two.

I’m happy I did because their claims are true. The sunscreen has a serum-like texture, is transparant and smells – heavenly. Seriously, heavenly. Like a floral beach holiday. Also double thumbs up for the cute (!) pump (!) packaging. Because this texture melts away and leaves my skin feeling soft and matte, I do use it daily. And to be honest, it feels good to know that there is sunscreen in there.

I am not going to get in the whole discussion about how long it protects, how often you should re-apply, if SPF35 is enough and so on. When I know I’m going to be in the sun the whole day, I use higher SPF and I reapply during the day. I did some great discoveries for that, so let’s discuss these next week? But talking about daily, as in every. single. day, I am better protected than before and that’s progress. Where do you stand on the sunscreen fence?