Weekly Favourite #68: Miriam Quevedo Caviar Scrub Scalp Mask

a.k.a. the srub that saved my hair. I’ve been mistreating my darker manes for the last weeks and I feel bad for it. I keep telling myself I can’t do anything about it ’cause if I don’t keep it dry or use texturizer, it falls as flat as a pancake and it’s really not a good look for me.

I was desperately searching for something that could get all the excess product out and really treat my scalp to something it deserves for keeping my hair on it, at least. So I got out this Miriam Quevedo Caviar Exfoliating Scrub Scalp Mask, my favourite find of this week.

I pictured me getting the scrub beads everywhere, not being able to wash them out but it was much easier to work with than I thought. Just massage this onto your scalp, put hair strands aside and repeat. It takes some time but it’s worth the little struggle because afterwards, va-va-voom – my hair has the quality of a high-end hollywood star.

It has has pearls of Tahiti and coral sand, a detox booster, phyto-actif and provitamine B5 in it – a lot of mysterious ingredients but it won an Allure beauty award so, I’m trusting it for what it is. My hair is happy so I am happy. Anyone else who has that?

Available at Beauty by Kroonen & Brown and more here.
250ml – €31,95

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