Weekly Favourite #67: Five things

This week, I couldn’t narrow it down to only one favourite so I picked five. These are the things that brought me joy and that I loved to the max last week.

Matrix Moisture Me Rich Shampoo // With temperatures lowering, my hair gets drier and drier. Normally, I use Garnier’s Ultra Doux range that cleanses my hair but leaves it a little dry with the purpose to keep it manageable. But it got too dry and looking in my drawers for something to solve that, I found this. It’s perfect. Hydrating but not weighing down my hair. Twelve points go to..

iPhone 6S Plus & Casetify // I had to wait over five weeks for my new iPhone to arrive but now, we’re inseparable. I chose the bigger Plus – in Rose Gold of course – because my iPhone is my second MacBook. I edit pictures, answer e-mail, schedule my life on it and for all of that, the bigger screen comes in handy. I’m also in love with my new confetti case by Casetify, all the glitters!

Rituals Nuit à Marrakech // Rituals have released a whole new fragrance universe recently. Nuit à Marrakech was already available under another name but boy, do I love this scent. It’s oriental, a tad sweet but also floral and that prevents it from being heavy. It has cedarwood, saffron and mimosa. Brilliant. I’ve been wearing it when I’m cosy, working at home and it makes me feel delighted.

Annayaké Ultratime Eye Contour Care // This is the very first thing I try from Annayaké and the brand made a very good first impression. It’s a complete eye care but the texture of this is great for Winter I think. It’s hydrating, nourishing and anti-ageing. It’s a very luxurious gesture to apply it so I use it AM and PM, just to feel like the Queen of my bathroom for a couple of minutes.

Belweder Lip Glow Revitalizing Balm // The first thing that caught my eye was of course the cute little packaging of this. How cool! I’ve tried things like these before, from EOS for example, but I was never as wow-ed by the formula as by the packaging. ’til Now. These are hydrating, nourishing and so easy to apply! I’ve a couple of them and currently, I’ve one on my desk, my nightstand and in the three handbags I use frequently.

IMG_4437 copy

IMG_4436 copy