Weekly Favourite #66: Beach Waves by L’Oreal

The story of this favourite of the week, started at a random early morning last week. I found myself out of my loved Kérastase Youth Serum for hair. It was my treatment/texturizer for months but as it was empty, I had no choice but to move on (and be a good blogger, trying other things out). This L’Oréal Tecni.art Wild Stylers Beach Waves spray got my attention.

I needed a rather strong texturizer, as my hair is becoming longer again. I wondered if the spray would be practical and of course, I’ll try everything that promises me beach waves. So after washing my hair and taming it with a Tangle Teezers, I sprayed some of this bottle in and I was very pleased with the result.

It’s a real texturizer so it’s a tiny bit sticky but it really gives me the volume and texture I need in my hair. I think it’s not too strong either so it makes the perfect every day solution. It’s lighter than the Balmain one but it lasts quite some time so I’m very happy with this discovery.

My hair is thick, heavy and it needs something to look alive so I’m very happy with this new L’Oréal discovery. I’ve tried several from them but this is the first one that I really love. An absolute favourite. Do you use a texturizer in your hair?

IMG_3217 copy

IMG_3226 copy