Weekly Favourite #62: Dove DermaSpa

I’ve been loving these two new launches from Dove last week, the DermaSpa Hand Cream and the DermaSpa Summer Revived Body Lotion became daily staples in no time and here’s why.

Dove wants us to have more zen-moments at home – and who doesn’t want that? They want to give us a more spa-like, luxurious experience with their products and that’s all fine by me, as long as they work. On that note, these two definitely do.

IMG_0399 copy

The Dove DermaSpa Hand Cream is a hand cream as I like it: non greasy (!), nourishing and providing a silky, almost velvet finish to my dry hands. I wash my hands often during the day and this gives them some relief afterwards, especially now it’s getting colder.

IMG_0398 copy

Another DermaSpa product that made it to my favourites, is this Summer Revived Body Lotion for light to medium skin tones. It’s one of the lightest self-tanners out there with the most incredible scent. The effect is so gradual that you don’t have to worry about stripes or marks, and it definitely shows so you don’t have to worry about those pale legs either.

I remember using the previous version a couple of years ago and I loved it back then, but now I even love it more thanks to the improved packaging (I love a good tube!) and the most sensual look and feel. Afterwards, my dry limbs feel soft and nourished as well so this is an amazing budget option if you want to maintain (or create) your veil of summer colour.

Dove has got it down, the formula’s are on point, the packaging is impeccable and the scents are incredibly lovely. I love some good budget body care and this definitely is how I like it. What are your thoughts?

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