The oil that does it all

La Mer does an oil, ladies and gents. Not only is that exciting because it’s a new product in their lineup, it’s also the most luxurious version of an oil that I’ve ever tried. Full of potent oils, the liquid gold is also infused with La Mer’s iconic Miracle Broth and that makes all the difference I think.

When I tried the oil for the first time, during the amazing BEAUTYMINDED & La Mer Event, I was surprised by its texture and scent. It’s an oil that doesn’t have that annoying stickiness, it’s really easy to work into your skin or hair and it leaves you with that typical, gorgeous La Mer scent.

IMG_3171 copy

Next to that, I love that it’s so universal. I use it as an extra treatment for my face, on its own or mixed into my day or night cream. It soothes my skin, helps to regenerate it as a serum would and keeps it utterly soft. I also use it every night on the very dry tips of my elbows and on my cuticles. Where another oil or treatment leaves them dry again the next morning, the Renewal Oil works more in depth so they’re soft for the whole day after too.

One of my favourite uses though, is to use the oil on my lips. Lips, I hear you say. Well yes, it’s so nourishing, soothing, hydrating and all good things that I adore to use it on my dry and chapped lips. It doesn’t seal them but it let’s your skin breathe whilst helping them to recover. Magic, I tell you.

IMG_3155 copy

I also tried the oil as a bath infusion, just add a few drops to enjoy that dreamy scent and the softening effects on your whole body. As an extra in my hand cream and body lotion so it makes them even more nourishing. As a leave-in treatment on my dry hair ends, which provides instant softness and damage repair. Actually, there are no limits. Wherever you need it, the oil can be your savior.

My übercute baby lab sample is on its way to run out and I’m completely ready to go for the full size. I adore this oil and I use it all the time – that should justify my splurge. During the workshop, we learned more about how La Mer works and also, what makes it that luxurious. I’ll do another article about that later on, for now I leave you to this dreamy liquid gold. You can always share your thoughts on social networks with #LaMerArtOfPlay, see you on Instagram!

La Mer The Renewal Oil (30ml) – €180
Available at Parfuma & Senteurs d’Ailleurs