The first 1000

Five years ago, I had this wild idea of starting a blog of my own. I love to write, I wanted to get better at taking pictures and I wanted to share my passion for beauty and cosmetics. In June 2013, saw the light. Thanks to the help of the greatest webmaster of all times, Mind of Media and the support of friends and family who proofread some of the original content. Back then I wrote in Dutch, was experimenting with my image style and I had this multi-colored theme going on.

We’re four theme changes, a new language and a couple of videos in. We’re 1000 articles later today, a milestone that couldn’t go unnoticed. I’ve fallen in and out of love with blogging over the years, it has empowered and paralyzed me. But hey, isn’t that normal 5 years down the road? My blog is a full grown toddler by now! I’m challenging myself to write more, to share more of the meaningful things that impact my life in the hope that I can add value to someone else’s.


You’re going to make mistakes. And that’s okay. 
This week only I have found two typo’s on Into The Gloss, one of the platforms I look up to. And that’s fine really. It helps me not to freak out too much when finding a typo or a mistake in an article that has been online for hours or even days. I try to revise articles three times before they go online and still, “slip gloss” and “deyeliner” happen.

No pain, no gain. 
Enjoy the moments where words come to you naturally. It won’t always be the case and it’s pushing through or stepping away from your notebook for a moment that will make you grow as a writer. Finish it. Add something that you like, that gives it a twist or keep your article short and simple so you can move on to the next one. Doing this gets you ahead of all the others that just quit.

Freakin’ enjoy yourself!
It’s your show – fill it with content you’re excited about, you like to create and you like to consume yourself. It doesn’t have to be all obligations and long articles every day – write about things that spark something. For me, writing about minimalism and creating something different were things I enjoyed the most in these last months.

Thank you for tuning in and on to the next 1000! – PS. Who remembers these designs? It’s so funny to look back at how things started.