Sunday’s Unboxing

It has become a bit of an installment where on Sunday, I unbox the orders and parcels I’ve received over the week on Instagram Stories. The first time I did this, I thought it could be a fun way to show you what’s coming. I wanted to start conversations and discover what got you guys going.

Looking at your reactions, I’m very happy that you like the vibe as well. I could write here that I don’t want to show off, that I don’t want this to be bragging about products – but I haven’t received one reaction that hints that way so shall we all just enjoy the love for beauty and cosmetics as it is?

It’s one of my favourite things to watch on other accounts as well so don’t hesitate to comment below who else is on the story train! I’ve added the pictures below for those of you who missed out – don’t hesitate to let me know what excites you and what you want to see more of 🙂

PS. There’s Tom Ford Beauty in here. Just saying..

  • Sismeistere

    This was a grand unboxing! Love those Tom Ford brushes! Enjoy! Xx

  • Tania

    Wow those Tom Ford products 😍

  • Loulou

    Drool From top to bottom Mega drool !!! It’s amazing, your colour picks would be mine too…
    First one interested in seeing more : the Dior Laquer Stick in Sauvage (because just about to put it in an order), the Serge Lutens (on your insta), all the Tom Ford and those L’Oreal products very curious about. I don’t have a Mac store near here 🙁 but could search near and far for the Stormy Pink Paint Pot. Just picked up a mini DHC Cleansing Oil to try. ELauder Oil mask (sigh) looks so lovely to use. I love my recent Dior Lip Scrub sitting pretty in its matte cover. x Loulou

  • Eva

    Epic 👊

  • Loulou

    We all love beauty products right? here like on other blogs we love to see what’s the daily beauty buzz What do you guys think about online beauty purchases? Sometimes we hit the buy button for various reasons When you can’t see, touch or test a product often you choose to buy online due to reasons as simple as cool packaging, recommendations, brand name or the size of a tube… But what has happens when there is a mistake online and your product size or whatever you get is not what you you ordered? You may not even think to check when you receive your articles just because you believe in the website and are happy to open the box and product after waiting for it to arrive and travel postal. Now if the deception is there and you want to do something about it, for you and for others who have clicked on that product online with the misinformation still out on the website, what can you do? It can be a haul just to make them check on their mistake online on their web site, then if they acknowledge it and even if you have to insist they double check (even if they keep making mistakes like inviting you to bring it back for the correct product which in fact does not exist), the online company are then able to change and correct the details that were wrong about that product online once you pinpoint the error so that other clients now have the correct information and bloggers can also relay the correct information too … so that is good, right? would you think that the purchase you made under the false information could not be reimbursed, or a commercial gesture not be forthcoming? The human contact in a shop often leads to a solution that satisfies the customer, but what about online? does it have to be difficult contacting and writing numerous polite emails to try to get things straight, only to have the feeling that because you are not seen, or the distance is far you are bothering them? What happened to the politeness of a commercial gesture ? does one still have to ask? has it gone astray online? do people still care, behind their cool captions and enticing publicity to buy? O.K. so we still keep buying online, hey its modern right? even if you eventually get a tiny tiny compensation of some sort, the world of internet online commerce is a big, prosperous place… just saying ! Still happily beauty shopping & love this blog. Loulou

    • Loulou

      Katia, could you please delete my comment above.. its a new day! I’d much rather the “join de discussion” comment remain perhaps between us and this section can be on its usual light side. I certainly think I’m not alone in experiences like these and upon reflexion just so concerned to keep things as you may prefer it. x Loulou