The Summer of Colette 34

Every Summer is remembered through a fragrance. Last year, I lived the Summer with Le Labo’s Bergamote 22 on my skin. Whenever I smell it, I’m reminded of an August trip to Paris and beautiful moments in Amsterdam. The year before was the Summer of Escentric Molecule 02, which reminds me of the seaside.

It’s not over yet but it’s safe to say 2017 is the Summer of Le Labo x Colette 34. I picked it up when I was in Paris in June. When Le Labo became available at Colette, they made an exclusive together called Another 13. It reminds me of Escentric 01 with lots of ISO E Super. I liked it but it didn’t have enough oomph for me. This year, they launched another collab with three fragrances simply called Colette.

Colette 19, a fresh (and faint) basil, bergamot and musk blend.
Colette 25 has bergamot, cedar, iris and musk.
Colette 34 is my pick with tea, fig, jasmin and musk.

I loved both Colette 25 and Colette 34, the choice was hard but at €150 a bottle, necessary. I chose Colette 34 because it was the most special one. To me, it smells like coconut but in a non-sweet, non-beachy kind of way. I called it a city coconut! I know there’s no coconut in there, it’s probably the fig scent that tricks me in to it.

Anyway, I’ve been smelling like this for weeks now and it doesn’t get old. It’s in my t-shirts and my hair and every time I catch its whiff, I’m reminded of the genius that’s Le Labo. I fell hard for the brand, its story and its creations so having an exclusive from an iconic Paris store that won’t be anymore next year, is kind of special to me.

Pop by Colette when you’re in Paris, your time to pick these up is limited! – Colette said something on Instagram about shipping samples of these but I can’t find them on the website. So, any excuse to go to Paris will do, right?