3 subscriptions that are totally worth it


Five months ago, I started using the Headspace app because I literally needed some headspace. My mind was clouded and I had a hard time taking a step back from several situations. I was pointed in to the direction of mindfulness and it’s impressive what a difference this app has made for me.

Headspace is a beautiful, literally,  platform founded by Andy Puddicombe. It provides you with a huge amount of exercises you can practice daily, individually or in a series. And I call them exercises because I don’t know what else to call them. They are voice-guided breathing and visualization exercises most of the time. I didn’t want to call them meditation either because that scared me at the beginning. I don’t know how to meditate but I can put my headphones on and do what a voice tells me to do.

I’ve tried some different apps (Welzen, Breathe) but nothing was so effective and addictive to me as Headspace. It’s the combination of the quality of the exercises, the variety and Andy’s great voice that keeps me a happy Headspace user. And just when I thought things got a little bit boring – they’ve renewed their platform, made it even more user-friendly and added new themes. You can try it out for free and I would definitely recommend you to do so – everyone can use some headspace.


I’ve put it off for a very long time but ever since I signed up, I never looked back. I don’t think I need to explain what Netflix is but it gets my money every month because it’s easy to use, makes me discover a lot of new series and I can watch it on all my devices (even offline).

I’ve watched all the Scandinavian crime series lately (The Killing, The Bridge), I loved being able to watch Ratatouille with a click when I was in Paris and I keep rewatching Friends just – because it’s Friends. Without Netflix, I would also never have discovered the Minimalism documentary too – and my life would look completely different. Take my money, Netflix.


Another party to which I was extremely late. I’ve been a Spotify user since last Sunday. I’ve always thought that who designs such an ugly green and black color theme shouldn’t be in charge of my music suggestions but I was clearly wrong. I can confirm what everyone says, I love that it seems to know what I really like to listen to. The playlists are well curated, easy to navigate and they exist for every occasion.

Extra points for the SONOS integration and the availability on all my devices – let’s just work on that logo and style, shall we?

What subscriptions are you paying for? A part of me hopes there aren’t any good suggestions down here because I’m over €30 on subscription services every month and.. yeah – the modern age you say?