Skin Color de La Mer collection

La Mer, known for its iconic Creme de La Mer healing potion is maybe not the first brand that pops up when you think about makeup. Well, that’s changing. After years of experimenting, they are adding some beautiful base products to their lineup.

When I say base, you think foundation at that’s totally right. The Soft Fluid Long Wear SPF20 foundation is definitely where it’s at. This beautiful long wearing foundation is launched accompanied by The Concealer and The Powder. To accessorize it all, La Mer launched the fluffiest, softest brushes I’ve ever tried. Aptly named The Foundation Brush and The Powder Brush, these give you the full La Mer experience.

First off, let’s talk my big love: The Soft Fluid Long Wear foundation. Weightless texture meets luxurious, long wear. With the perfecting Miracle Broth on board and Soft Velvet Algae to get that flawless soft touch, it combines everything that you want in a nourishing foundation with color capsule technology to help your color stay true – no matter what the conditions are.

The colour Neutral is my perfect match, I found it through the Matchmaking Color Consultation on their website. Pure genius. Now, on to the formula. When I think La Mer and foundation, I expect a very nourishing and glowy formula. Only, I have combination to oily skin that doesn’t tend to put up well with these kinds of hydrating hocus pocus. Needless to say, I had my doubts about the longevity of things on my foundation-eating skin.

When I applied the foundation for the first time, I was very surprised by the light and fluid texture. (Think like Chanel’s Aqua Vitalumière) This meant we were of to a good start, nothing too creamy or too heavy. Instead it delivered perfect coverage after some blending with The Foundation Brush. I do have to warn you for the outspoken scent, I’m not bothered by it as it disappears but it’s a mix of sunscreen and coffee beans at the start.

I was very surprised by my first impressions as the foundation delivers flawless results. During the day, I noticed that I could benefit from some powder but nothing drastic. And in any way, nothing that I won’t have with another foundation. So on weekends, I don’t use any powder and go for the luminous look but for a day at work, I go in and perfect it with some finishing loose powder that I apply with the purrrfect The Powder Brush.

Along the way, I tried something that made this foundation look even better. I added two drops of The Renewal Oil to the formula. The finish this gives and the result you get is absolutely gorgeous. In fact, I’ve been adding the Renewal Oil to other formula’s too to make them even more glowy or nourishing – but not greasy. That’s the beauty of this oil, whatever you use it for, results will be beautiful. It’s a great trick that a lot of makeup artists use already. I wasn’t sure if it would have been for me, but it is. It so is.

In the meantime, I keep dreaming about La Mer lipstick but by all means, tell me what La Mer makeup product you would like to see? Would you like to try out the foundation?

Available at Parfuma.