Shopping in Paris

This article was given the title of a shoplog at first. And although that’s technically what it is, it didn’t feel right. I’m trying to reduce all the stuff in my life and that includes shopping more consciously. Before going to Paris, I made well curated list of the things I really wanted to bring home with me and I stuck to that list. Almost. I almost stuck to that list.


Three big themes here: French pharmacy, leather goods – or as the french say maroquinerie  – and Le Labo. First stop was at the French pharmacy to get a mini tube Homeoplasmine. And I’m actually not sure why because I’m so hooked on Glossier’s Balm Dotcom. *so far the list.

La Roche Posay’s Serozinc was long missing from my skincare drawer and I’m happy to have it back. Especially since it was 30°C in Paris and we had a heatwave going on. Also from LRP, the new Duo+ with SPF30 – genius if you ask me. It’s a very good day cream for acne prone oily or combination skin with an SPF right in. I’m trying it out now and so far, five star rating. Does the job, feels awesome and protects well. Keep the oil at bay. Now I remember again why I went to +7 tubes of this stuff already.

And I could not not pick up the new Anthelios SPF50 anti-shine mist. It has good intentions but it did leave my skin greasier than normal, so I wasn’t that impressed. It also has a really strong scent that I don’t particularly like. I will use it up but I doubt I will repurchase it. It is easy tho. We’ll see. And there’s a random box of Advil there too, because friend Fancy B told me to.


Following beauty enthusiasts @damselflavored and @ameliaasays, I was very curious to try out Biologique Recherche’s P50 lotion. It’s a very strong exfoliating lotion that you can use at home. It’s supposed to improve your skin’s texture, it can help sink in other products better and it should give overall awesomeness according to the internet. This lotion has a cult following and after three weeks of testing, I get why.

I apply my drops of P50 on a cotton pad religiously every night. Up on the first couple applications, it stung a little and I could feel my skin itching. The lovely skincare specialist in their Paris salon told me it was completely normal so I continued. During week two, I broke out like I hadn’t anymore in months. You could see all impurities surface – and disappear. Now, at the beginning of week four I’m almost in the clear and my skin looks smoother than it has ever been. I know it’s easy to say but my pores look more refined, foundation looks so much better on my skin and I can see that it’s becoming more radiant. I will do a separate article with more details but so far, so good.


All of the above was more or less on my list and then there was one item with a question mark: leather tote. Since I invested in a beautiful large Céline Trio bag for my birthday, a bigger tote has been on my mind. I really wanted a universal, supple leather bag that is vertical and practical. I was forever in doubt between the Saint Laurent Medium Shopping Tote Bag and the Céline Cabas. Only, the latter only exists in horizontal anymore. In Paris, I could compare the two and see what colours they did.

I first went to Galeries Lafayette but it was so crowded over there that I was more than happy to visit the beautiful Avenue Montaigne, where all the big houses have their showrooms. It’s next to the Champs-Elysées and definitely worth a visit if you ever want to feel like a Gossip Girl. (I actually laughed at myself when I was there, at how ridiculous I felt to be between all those crazy expensive looking buildings.)

I discovered the Céline store and because they didn’t have a small vertical all black Cabas and the bigger one wasn’t really what I wanted, I left with only a beautiful Céline purse. I wanted a smaller purse to fit my Trio and I fell in love with the grey/red combo. It has two card slots, a key holder and it has a zipper so it holds bills and coins too. It’s just what I needed and I love that the color pops with the black bags I always wear.

Next doors was the Saint Laurent showroom and I wanted to get the Medium Shopping Tote Bag that I already tried out at Lafayette and I was eyeing up for a while now. It’s a more structured one in black grained leather, it’s vertical and has the perfect size. It also has longer handles so you can wear it over the shoulder. It has a small clutch on the inside that you can detach and use separately. It is just the perfect essential for work or leisure and it completes my minimal bag wardrobe. (Do you want to hear more about that?)

Behold ladies and gents, the next shoplog you’ll read will be one from New York! I’m going there in September thus, this will be the last shoplog for a while. Did I miss anything? Curious for a review of something? Let me know below!

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