SELF, natural beauty.

Speaking of beautiful products with a beautiful story, have you already heard of Self? Isabelle is quite the inspiration, making her own 100% natural beauty products from scratch. And with eye for detail and in gorgeously designed packaging.

Seriously, can we take a moment to pause at how awesome this looks? A premium cardboard box that surrounds a beautiful jar with a pink wooden lid, all filled with a 100% natural, creamy body butter. Isabelle’s products look and feel very luxurious from the outside.

But on the inside, it gets even better. There’s a huge amount of smooth body butter in there that smells like – I want to say bergamot, but as I check the ingredients, it’s more citrussy: mandarin, sweet orange and geranium. I’m not super keen on the scent, I’m used to the Chanel’s & BYREDO’s of this world, but I don’t mind because I know it’s an all natural mix. I think I usually prefer something a bit sweeter, but it’s definitely not bad.

The body butter itself is very nourishing, thick but melting in texture. It doesn’t have any chemical or synthetic additives, or parabens inside. It does have fragrance in there (citronellol), all other ingredients, you can check yourself on their website – a great and very transparant initiative I think.

I’m very happy about this big tub in my bathroom and I’m keen on trying out more. That Boost of Oxygen Face Scrub might just come my way. How do you feel about (your)Self?

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