Past the hype: Fenty Beauty

It’s been a couple of months since the crazy launch of Fenty Beauty back in September. Now the hype is over, does the range still stand? And maybe a better question is: is the hype really over? Sources over the pond tell me there’s still a line at Harvey Nichols every Saturday to try out Rihanna’s products. Here’s the lowdown on the three products I’ve been trying out.

PRO FILT’R Soft Matte Foundation in 170
One of the reasons Rihanna’s foundation is so popular, is the range of colours it comes in. There are 40 shades. It’s crazy. I would definitely recommend you to get colour-matched at the counter if you have that possibility (aka if you live in the UK, US or France). I’m the shade 170 if that helps and it’s a pretty good match for my winter skin. This foundation has everything I love: it’s high coverage, can be blended uniformly into the skin, has a rather matte finish and stays put. It’s the heavy stuff, no “light coverage, CC cream, skin glows through” anything here. It’s like concealer and I’m all for it. A solid 4/5.

GLOSS BOMB Universal Lip Luminizer
This sounded very appealing to me. A “universal lip luminizer”, dubbed as the one gloss you need by a lot of different beauty bloggers. I had high expectations but let’s be honest, in the end it’s just a lip gloss. One that I like but not love. I’m not that keen on the sticky feeling and the sweet scent. There isn’t that much colour to it so in my experience this works best over a lip liner. I’m trying to show it some more love and I’ll try to keep it around ’til the summer, because I feel more glossy when the sun is out. I’ll give it a 2,5/5.

MATCH STIX TRIO Conceal, Contour, Highlight in Light
I can’t get over how good these Match Stix look in their magnetic, millennial pink packaging. They are great to look at and play around with – but unfortunately, that’s about it. I’m not a fan of the formula. I’ve tried to use these on different occasions and while I like cream products, these are not that creamy. I guess that’s my main issue with it: they’re not smooth. The formulas are rather dry, even why I warm them up on the back of my hand first, I barely get any product out. Applying them directly to my face just drags makeup around so it’s not an option either. Out of the three, the concealer worked best for me. I’ll pass on the contour and highlight. A 2/5 for these.