One day in Paris, where to shop?

In October, I had the chance to visit Paris again with Uriage. They organized a press conference for the launch of their new Age Protect range, that protects your skin from a variety of factors and nourishes mature skin. I had a truly wonderful time with the amazing Uriage team, you can click through some snaps below. Since I was in the centre of Paris for the day, I thought about the top spots that I could squeeze in. If you’re in Paris for the day, what do you do? What do you see? And I don’t mean touristically – the Eiffel Tower is great and all but I mean, beauty-wise bien sûr.

*Rue Saint Honoré 
My one-stop-shop is always Rue Saint Honoré because Colette, Aesop, Le Labo, diptyque, Jo Malone, MAC and so many more beautiful brands have either their flagship or a very chique store over there. Since Colette is stocking Glossier as the only physical store in Europe, it’s even more of a must-visit right now. That and because they close for ever at the end of December – there’s an urgency here. Le Labo is only a couple of meters away and I almost always pick up something because then I’ll be reminded that *it’s from Paris* – and I always run in to Belgian people in their store. It’s a thing.

Diptyque’s Rue Saint Honoré store is always worth a visit because of the stunning interior, and the same goes for Aesop. Jo Malone has their rare Tea collection in this store and why not pick up a macaron somewhere, because you’ll find them on every corner of this street.

*Sephora at Champs-Elysées 
Biggest Sephora I’ve ever seen. It’s paradise. Heaven on earth. If you live in Belgium, you’ll be happy to discover the newest hypes like Fenty, HUDA, Kat Von D, the stunning new NARS collection, Too Faced, Marc Jacobs beauty, Becca, Hourglass and a lot of Korean inspired brands such as Dr. Jart+. My tips are to look out for the minis at the check-out counter and to make arrangements before you enter: no huge bags around your arms that will prevent you from swatching, leave everyone that’s not a beauty aficionado outside and agree on a time to meet them somewhere because you’re going to want to have your freedom but have a deadline, if not you’ll be lost for hours. (One may or may not have spent a full two hours swatching palettes and filling up a basket.)

*Galeries Lafayette
Not only does this iconic building has a free to visit, stunning rooftop view – it also has a very well curated beauty collection. When you enter, pursue your path through the leather goods and you’ll find a beauty paradise hidden under their beautiful dôme. From Tom Ford over Hermès to Shu Uemura and BYREDO – all important brands have their counter at Lafayette. If you prefer a less crowded, more modern approach, Le Bon Marché in the Rive Gauche neighborhood is for you.

*Le Marais 
If you’re only in Paris for one day, you can’t visit all these things as they’re a bit far apart. But if you happen to be in the neighborhood of the biggest shopping complex in Paris, Forum Des Halles (worth it only for the full on MUJI store), it’s definitely worth diving into Le Marais. It’s the epicenter for all hipsters, with CHANEL’s beauty boutique, a MUJI store (with only clothing, I must add), diptyque’s very first store ever and you’ll find my personal favourite Oh My Cream there. They do a handpicked selection of natural brands such as Nuori, Alies of Skin, Antipodes, RMS, Tata Harper and so on. Their concept alone is worth checking out.

Depending on where in Paris you’re spending your day, these spots are the ones I will always try to squeeze in. Last month, I visited Rue Saint Honoré and Galeries Lafayette – which has a Sephora across the street where I hauled my heart out. I’ve also picked up some Glossier and Le Labo bits as you can see, all to make my body and hair glow.

Le Labo has a new range, dedicated to take care of your skin, hair and body. Although I had their face mask on my list, it was so similar to my beloved Delbôve Masque Souabou, that I went for some Hinoki scented beige bottles instead. I picked up a lovely Body Lotion of which I adore the subtle, wood-induced aroma and I went for the Shower Gel and Conditioner to make sure that scent lingers on me the whole day.

Of course I had to visit Colette since Glossier launched Body Hero and this was the first opportunity I could get my hands on it. I’ll do a separate review but I adore the Body Lotion so far. The Oil Wash is nice to have but not that special so far. Colette was smelling delicious by the way and when I asked someone what it was, they told me it was Air de Colette, a beautiful candle designed for the store. In the basket it went.

When I walked in to Sephora near Opéra, I had only one goal: to see what Rihanna’s Fenty beauty looked like. The counter was swarming with people but I managed to ask a Sephora Pro about her thoughts. She was wearing the foundation and I loved it on her skin, which was similar to mine so I chose the right shade (170) and picked that up together with the Gloss Bomb and the Matchstix Trio in Light (kindly enabled by Eva).

So far, I really like the foundation, the other bits I’m not that sure of. A review is on the books. Alongside, I also picked up two things that I regretted not bringing from New York: Sephora Coconut wipes and a Dr. Jart+ clearing mask with a weird but attractive pill on it. The wipes are my go-to when I need to rub non-budging-swatches of matte lipstick from my hands, so hold your horses, they’re not for my face. Questions? Neighborhoods to add? Stories to share? Share away!