On My Mind #9

Oh hi there, it’s me. I’m sorry I couldn’t post that regularly in the past two weeks, it’s been a weird time for me. People sometimes say things like “oh, life caught up with me” or “yeah, life got to me and that’s why I couldn’t do x, y z”. I find that a strange thing to say. Because I don’t want to be ahead of life, I want to be fully in it, swept away by it and especially live it my way.

Sometimes I’m here and sometimes I am not. Sometimes, I’m over on Instagram and sometimes I’m just enjoying some offline time. Blogging is a big part of my life and I’m still in love with it. Good things are coming for beautyminded and I plan on taking you with me. New articles are coming too, I have so much things to show and tell you and I hope you’re as excited as I am.

I’ve added some snapshots of my stories below, so you know more or less what I’ve been up to. Thank you all for you continuous support, I am amazed by your kindness and lovely comments and messages on Instagram. I wish you all a lovely Sunday!

PS. The main picture is by Glossier, it’s their CloudPaint blushes. And maybe also a hint of what’s coming 😉

  • Eva

    That Glossier image is my new iPad background: amazing!