Obsessed with oils

Lately I’ve been trying Drunk Elephant’s Virgin Marula Oil as a part of my nighttime routine and I’ve come to realize that my skin loves a good oil. It doesn’t do well with highly fragranced concoctions filled with weird chemicals. But a nourishing oil at night equals perfect-canvas morning skin for me. Since experiencing the results, realizing that oil is actually a trustworthy friend for oily skin, I’ve been holding on to all the good ones I can get my hands on. Here’s the low-down.

Virgin Marula Oil by Drunk Elephant

Or, the one that started this craze. I’ve been falling in and out of love with oils over the years, but Drunk Elephant gets it spot on. What I love about their Marula Oil is that it’s thick in consistency which makes it feel very luxurious when you apply it after having washed and prepped your face. I’ve been using it in combination with Drunk Elephant’s TLC Framboos serum and while I expected to love that one the most, it’s the oil that wins me over. I’ve been using it with my Delbôve routine as well and when I use it at night, it takes some time to sink in. But I’m guaranteed to wake up with plump, hydrated, non-greasy, non-oily, non-sticky, skin. Famous for all their acid products, I never thought the first item on my DE-wishlist would be an oil.

The Renewal Oil by La Mer

A ongoing love affair because equally thick in consistency as the one above, reinforced with La Mer’s Miracle Broth and multifunctional by default. I’ve repurchased this oil because it’s my lifesaving multitasker whenever my skin goes into its dehydrated funk where I get spots just because of that. You can read my previous reviews here and here.

Huile de Jasmin by CHANEL

Years after Mademoiselle had introduced her own skincare ritual to the world, centered around a Jasmin Facial Oil, CHANEL recreated the oil with more modern techniques and with the same  power of Jasmin at its heart. This floral facial oil is one that’ll plump your skin and makes it feel like a million. I love how it has a velours texture and how it softens my skin. I’m probably too careful with it because it looks barely used but a little goes a long way with this one. It’s a treat and as everything CHANEL, a ritual.

Super Facial Oil by VERSO

Retinoid oils, they were hot a couple of years ago. (Remember Sunday Riley’s Luna?) This oil remains in my stash because it’s good at clearing up my skin and giving it some much needed pampering. I’m also sharing it with my mom, whom I recommended it to as a great oil for more mature skin. Thumbs up for the packaging and for its serum-like feel. You’ll find the full review here.

U.F.O. by Sunday Riley

A facial oil that calls itself ultra-clarifying speaks to me like nothing else. I had high expectations for this one but just as with LUNA, I keep falling in and out of love. The look and feel is all great but it all remains a bit superficial. I haven’t noticed particular results neither short or long term. I only bought it in September and I’m keeping it to give it another go, I’ll update you on any changes.

Advanced Night Repair Recovery Mask-in-Oil by Estée Lauder

I remember the squeaking when I got my hands on this press release, an oil mask?! Fabulous! It’s meant to be used as the last step of your nighttime routine and that’s mainly how I use it. It packs your skin with all the juice to restore at night. As I dubbed it before, it’s the kind of hangover-material that limits damage the day after.

My oil collection is growing and while I’m dedicated to use them all up, there is one more on my wishlist.. Can you guess? It’s the one from Delbôve! When I was using Drunk Elephant’s oil one night, after my Delbôve ritual, I thought: Delbôve should do an oil. And they actually do! It’s called L’Huile Intense and I’m dying to try it now. Anyone who has used it?