The New York Itinerary (Part I)

When I was attempting to get to inbox 0 yesterday, I noticed the little folder that said NYC in my mailbox. It has all the good stuff: flight tickets, pre-booked activities, confirmations – and it got me thinking, why not share how I planned my solo trip to the Big Apple? I had a great time and I might have learned a few tricks along the way. So NYC in 5 days: Where to start? A practical guide, part I. 

I landed in New York on September 1st and I left on the 6th, an ideal stay for me since I was travelling solo. I didn’t want it to be too long because there’s only so much time I can be trusted on my own. But it was my first time in New York so I wanted to have enough time to explore the different neighborhoods too.

I started by looking for flights and hotels. I had planned to go a bit later, but the hotel prices were crazy and after a bit of research, I found out that was because of New York Fashion Week in September. I ended up booking a bit earlier and that turned out to be cheaper for flights as well. I checked different websites and found a deal with KLM/Delta through SkyScanner. I checked hotels via and with the criteria design/location/price, I ended up at the CitizenM hotel near Times Square.

I had a great experience at CitizenM, so good that I might even go back to the same hotel if I return to New York. It was close by everything. Walking distance from Central Park, a CVS next doors as well as subway access. And its surrounded by Broadway so when you go and see a musical in the evening, it’s only a minute-walk away. CitizenM has smart rooms with all the luxury and space you need, eye for detail and design, an amazing signature scent (please make it into a candle!) an of course, the ah-mazing pillow-filled-bed near the window that gives you a great view and free movies to watch for when you’re getting ready. Not a bad word about this place, I fell in love.

Know thyself is key here. I knew that if I didn’t plan my days out in advance, I might not get half done what I actually what I wanted to experience. I spent two Sundays planning and booking activities.  That turned out into a well-packed itinerary which I’ll add below in case you fancy a peek. When I had an overview of what I wanted to do, I looked at different pre-paid ticket services and booked a CityPass with 6 attractions. I also bought tickets to go see Wicked at Broadway and I made two restaurant reservations so I knew I’d eat something else than Five Guys.

I truly felt a part of the city when taking the subway. I used it most of the time, it was simple and cheap. In the evenings or when I was too tired to think or to change lines, I used Uber and Lyft. Still the most genius service ever, if you ask me.

A report-style article is coming your way with my story and pictures from the trip. If you have questions, now is the time to ask so I can include them in the next part of this NY series, next week.