New loves: OUAI & Davines

In the last months, we’ve had quite a few new haircare launches the blogging world went crazy for. I plead guilty as I’m on a haircare high since July and I just couldn’t stop ordering one shampoo after the other. Because, we all need good shampoo, right? I’ve discovered some lovely new additions to my haircare routine.

I discovered the great brand that is Davines back in March when I was in London. This Italian brand, made with the environment and sustainability in mind, does a great haircare range with very cute shampoos. I’ve picked up MELU in London and I enjoyed every little drop. I even had to save some in order not to have an empty bottle in this picture.

MELU is a shampoo for damaged hair that makes my hair feel all cleansed but not stripped. It’s not that nourishing but that’s how I like my shampoos, otherwise I can’t do anything with my hair. I would compare it to the Bumble & bumble Gentle shampoo if I had to.


My new bottle, MINU is made for colour treated hair. It’s so foamy that I always feel like I’ve used too much and it smells fresh, but not overpowering. It’s a great one for every day I think, it doesn’t strip my hair and it gives quite some shine when it’s dry. Just remember, a little goes a long way.

Then I needed some haircare for my beach holiday and I saw Davines had a special range for that: SU. I picked up the hair & body wash and the hair milk. Both smell utterly divine, just like holidays. The spray is one I can use at the beach on wet and dry hair, just to keep it manageable. It will also prevent my hair from turning to straw – I hope.


When I ordered my Cult Beauty Box, there was a bottle of OUAI haircare included. I chose the CLEAN Shampoo which did exactly as on the tin. This is like the stronger sister of Bumble & bumble Sunday. I adore the fragrance but the shampoo was too strong for me to use every day. So I ordered the REPAIR shampoo. This one is way smoother and makes my hair super soft. It’s not too heavy, just the right amount to use when my hair is in need of a pick-me-up.

Wave spray? Did anyone say Wave Spray? I think I’ve tried them all so when OUAI did one, I could just not not pick it up. I adore the scent in this one, it’s light and very feminine. Other than that, it gives some texture to my hair but nothing like my good old Kevin Murphy Beach Resort texturizer. I have very thick and heavy hair, most sprays can’t handle it so it’s no surprise. So far, I’ve used it on the days where I wanted my hair to be more natural but not as flat as a pancake and that worked well.


Both OUAI and Davines are joining the ranks of Kevin Murphy, Bumble & bumble and Living Proof in my haircare closet. I really like both brands in terms of packaging, products and results. They’re good in making my hair look at its best and I can use different products for different needs. Now I just need to make sure I use these up before I give in to anything else… Oops.

OUAI is available at Cult Beauty & I got my Davines here.