New in: Charlotte Tilbury Haul

The beautiful Charlotte Tilbury counter at De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam never ceases to amaze. When I was there last week, I couldn’t resist trying out some items that were on my wishlist for a long time. The arrival of the new Hot Lips collection made for a good excuse to shop anyway so with the help of the lovely Eva, I chose some other items to take home with me.

Since the Hot Lips lipsticks are limited editions, I had to choose one. Initially, I chose two but when I tried Hel’s Bells, I wasn’t convinced. In the bullet, it looks like a stunning plum but in the end it was too purple for my complexion. Secret Salma on the other hand, right up my street! Matte but comfortable and in the beautiful rose gold packaging like we love it.

IMG_8683 copy IMG_8721 copy

The other lipstick I picked up was one I never thought would be for me, the KISSING Lipstick in Coachella Coral. I’ll always look for the pink instead of the orange hues, but this one seems the perfect balance of the two. It’s a coral with a pink tone to it and it looks stunning! It’s super comfortable to wear and it really suits my darker hair I think. Eva, who helped me out, wore it too tho’ and she’s beach-babe-blonde, so it’s a rather universal one.

Something I’ve been clicking in and out of my online basket, was the Beach Stick in Ibiza. When I saw it though, I adored the formula even more but the colour wasn’t for me. So I checked out the others and fell in love with Las Salinas, a beautiful gold infused pink. It’s a very pigmented product but it’s so blend-able, that you can build it up to your liking. I prefer it as a blush, but I’m definitely wearing as a highlight on top of Coachella Coral.

IMG_8649 copy IMG_8662 copy

Another item I’ve been eyeing up for quite a while was a powder blush, a Cheek to Chic Swish & Pop blush in Sex On Fire. And of course, the legendary Powder & Sculpt Brush couldn’t be left out with that one. I’ve used them once already and I’m amazed. I don’t know if I’ll keep using the brush for blush as I want to try it out for the Bronze & Glow palette too, I’ll keep you posted.

Last but not least, I’ve picked up two things for the eyes. Since Charlotte Tilbury makes the best eyeliners, I picked up a colour I haven’t used yet: Rock ‘n Kohl in Bedroom Black. It will go along an item I’ve ordered later online at De Bijenkorf as it was sold out in Amsterdam, the Legendary Lashes mascara. Love love love for this.

IMG_8696 copy IMG_9018 copy

The more I try out, the more I think Charlotte Tilbury could be the answer to the question: “If you could only wear makeup by one brand, what brand will it be?”. She does a solid lineup and the formulas and packaging are as luxurious as I would expect for this price range. Keep your eyes peeled as I have one last thing that I regret not having picked up, the Brow Definer in Cara D. It’s a great colour to match with my hair right now and Eva showed me there’s a highlighter in there, who knew? As Charlotte is launching her first fragrance this month, my pre-order has already been made and this one might be in there too. Anything else I should try to complete my collection?

IMG_8624 copy IMG_8627 copy IMG_8629 copy IMG_8642 copy IMG_8658 copy  IMG_8687 copy IMG_8690 copy IMG_8695 copy IMG_8697 copy IMG_8702 copy IMG_8708 copy IMG_9000 copy IMG_9005 copy IMG_9011 copy IMG_9027 copy

  • Eva

    Be-au-ti-ful! I have no more suggestions left, I think you got all the bits I would want! Oh, and Eva’s for the win 😂 Curious about that fragrance launch too…

    • The Filmstar Bronze & Glow is still on the list.. #oops 😅

      • Eva

        Whaaaat, I totally blocked out that information. You need it.

  • Tania

    One of my favorite brands.

  • Sarina

    I have also fallen in love with CT. So much so that I spent a small fortune on the ibiza 30% off edit on the UK website. I picked up 3 eyes to mesmorise creams, 1 eyeshadow stick AND the Norman parkinson gift set. Eeeek. Plus my order was delayed so they sent me a free lipstick from the hot lips collection. I chose Liv it Up.

    I also have three of the lipsticks from the hot lips collection. I absolutely adore bosworth’s beauty it’s an amazing coral pink and hot emily is just gorgeous. I think hot emily is my favourite.

    I love the CT palettes. Do you have those? I got the natural beauty one in the UK and I managed to bag the limited edition Nordstrom anniversary sale palette by sheer luck. I haven’t received that yet as I’m waiting for my Aramex delivery to arrive.

    Ah that was a long comment. The CT love is huge!

  • Brisk and Bold

    Supermooie collectie! Ik heb de Secret Salma ook, perfecte kleur en zo’n aangename structuur.

  • Waauw, zoveel moois <3

  • Veel liefde voor Charlotte Tilbury! Niet alles wat ik van haar geprobeerd heb, is een volledige hit, maar de meeste dingen wel. De verpakkingen vind ik in elk geval al geweldig, ook al is dat oppervlakkig 😀
    Het Filmstar Bronze & Glow palet (vooral voor de bronzer) vind ik ook erg fijn, evenals het oogschaduwpalet in Uptown Girl. Ik kocht ook het lippotlood in Pillow Talk en amai, al the raves hadden het bij het rechte eind!

    • Ik ben ook absoluut fan van Pillow Talk & de bronzer! Ik heb ‘m in het Instant Look Palette maar ik vrees toch dat ik een full size nodig heb.. 😅 – En ook al is het oppervlakkig, ik vind een mooie verpakking toch echt een meerwaarde geven aan een mooi product. ❤️