A Spring surprise, L’Eau Rosée by MiuMiu

Flashback to three years ago, in October 2015 the most stunning bottle I’d seen in a while landed on my desk. MiuMiu launched its first fragrance. I was swept away by the bottle and the scent inside reflected the freshness and playfulness of the design. This month, the third addition to the MiuMiu empire is launching and if you’re in the market for a new Spring/Summer scent, this might be the way to look.

After MiuMiu Eau de Parfum and MiuMiu L’Eau Bleue, we’re landing a pink version, MiuMiu L’Eau Rosée. The base still is a floral concoction with lily-of-the-vally infused with musk. In the top we now also find cassis, bergamot and citrus notes. The heart is enriched with one of my favourite notes: pear, peach, peony and rose. All settled on a base of white musk, sandalwood and vanilla.

Cassis, Bergamot, Citrus
Lily-of-the-vally, peach, pear, peony, rose
Sandalwood, vanilla, white musk

Now we’ve got the notes covered, let’s talk about the bottle for a bit. There must be people out there who don’t care about the design of a perfume bottle – and I’m not one of them. When I love a bottle, it gets to sit out on my chest of drawers and I will use whatever is in there more. Superficial? Maybe. Appreciative of beauty and craftsmanship? That too.

The fragrance is all but subtle. It’s out there, it’s present and it will make you go noticed. It smells a bit like a good rosé actually, sparkling, a tad sweet and with a unique bite to it.