Let’s catch up

Hi there – it’s me. I’m alive and very well, thank you. I have taken some time  to restore, to go on holiday twice, to come back, to become a godmother, to get back to work and to start  school again. These last months were pretty intense and I didn’t want to put any content out there that was not written wholeheartedly. But I didn’t sit still in the meantime. I have developed a couple of ideas for this space that are currently being tested, I have kept photographing and trying new products so I could keep you in the loop about new discoveries and completely random but finally, new business cards are in the making.

Here is a list of a couple of ideas I had for articles, and you can let me know in the comments which ones you want to see first – or you can of course drop your own suggstion below.

* New York
I went to New York – by myself. Whenever I share this with people, it’s met with a lot of questions. I’ve made a pretty thorough itinerary, have a lot of recommendations and I was thinking of doing New York-week on here. With everything from planning my trip, discovering the city and the huge haul that almost didn’t fit my suitcase.

Whilst I was away, CHANEL has launched so many new things. There’s the beautiful Travel Diary collection, the only hand cream I’ve used consistently in the last few years, the Collection Libre with the red Rouge Allure lipsticks and of course Gabrielle, their new fragrance I can’t get enough of. You know I love a good CHANEL and I know, you do too. Which one first?

*Skincare update
I’ve had a two different routines over the Summer and now I’m back to the first one. I discovered a combination that works magic for my skin, Biologique Recherche P50 and Sisley Baume-en-eau à la Rose Noire. Sorts my skin out and makes it look impeccable, pore-less even. Want a review?

*Three things
I’ve made a whole series with bite-sized reviews, always talking about three products at the time. And I’m wondering when you’d like to see those? I was thinking on Sundays, any suggestions?

*Mental health & development
Now I have been working for over two years, I have learned so much about personal growth. I’ve read beautiful books, gathered so many best practices and I’ve been more conscious than ever about my mental health. For example, I’ve been using Headspace on a daily basis and it has changed a lot for me. Is this something you’d like to read on here? Would you like to read my story or to have some practical tips?

That’s it for now, I believe these are enough questions already – although I still have one: how are you all, my dearest readers? I saw that you’ve kept visiting this space regularly and now, finally there’s something new to read. Thank you all for sticking with me, I couldn’t be happier to be back!