The latest additions to the lipstick drawer

Last month, when I was still buying lipstick (#nobuyfebruary) I picked up a few things on trips to Paris and Antwerp. You can see that after the Bordeaux, I’m feeling the rose nudes while longing for Spring. I’m happy to go over my latest discoveries and I swatched them all so you can see how they appear on the lips.

NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Bound | This one has been in and out of my ASOS basket but I was afraid the colour was going to be too corpse-like on my lips (read: too brown, too mauve). So I tried it when I was in Paris and yup, it’s what I needed right then right there. Not matte, not glossy.

Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet in 507 | They’ve been quite the hype, these beautiful little lip magnets. I couldn’t control my curiousity and I tried the colour 506 when I was at Sephora. I wasn’t completely convinced of the colour but I really liked the formula. It’s thin as a matte lipstick but comfortable like a real one. When I visited Parfuma, I swatched some more colours and 507 Garçonne it was.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp, San Paulo & Copenhagen | NYX has launched in Belgium and I hadn’t tried a thing. It was the perfect excuse to stop by their Antwerp store and pick up three beautiful colours of their famous lip creams. I get it, I get the hype. It’s a very comfortable but present formula, it’s rather matte but I like the luminosity of the colours.

NYX Cosmic Metals in 8 Speed Of Life | This is my crazy purchase, the one for special occasions or just photographs. It’s metallic, rose gold and very special. Would you wear this one on an evening out?

From top to bottom: NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Bound, Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet in 507, NYX Lip Cream in Antwerp, San Paulo & Copenhagen, NYX Cosmic Metal in Speed of Life

NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Bound
Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet in 507 Garçonne
NYX Lip Cream in Antwerp
NYX Lip Cream in San Paulo
NYX Lip Cream in Copenhagen
NYX Cosmic Metal in 8 Speed of Life
  • Buiten Speed of life vind ik ze allemaal super.

  • Lore Roos Tcherbmal

    Je swatchfoto’s zijn nogal overbelicht waardoor de kleur van de lippen voor een groot stuk wegvalt, jammer!

    • Hi Lore! Ze zijn in natuurlijk licht genomen en achteraf niet bewerkt, het is moeilijk om de kleur er goed op te krijgen maar ik werk er aan 🙂

  • Margaux Sallet

    Die NYX rose gold, ik heb daar die versie van Milani van, en nee ik durf hem niet te dragen :p hahaha 😀 maar was te nieuwsgierig! De andere kleurtjes zijn top!