La crème main de CHANEL

Like everyone who uses his or her hands daily, mine tend to get dry and flaky. Especially during Winter it’s an ongoing challenge. And my problem is that I don’t like to use hand cream. It’s sticky and I need to wait (hours!) for it to sink in. I can’t continue to use my phone nor my keyboard and it will get on everything I attempt to use – let the hairs from my gloves that stick to my skin be the witness of that.

As you read, no bueno. Over the years I’ve found some formulas that I like, such as this one from Dove DermaSpa for during the night, the one from BYREDO for the scent and the one from Aesop mainly because it makes my hands soft. All these formulas, I need to give several minutes to sink in. They’re rather dense – effective, but not that practical. I’ll use most of them at night, when I’m already in bed so I won’t grease up any phone screens.

CHANEL’s take
When CHANEL launched its new formula out of the blue last year, I was at first most impressed by the packaging. Everyone did tubes and pumps because, that’s what everyone else was doing. CHANEL has created a droplet-shaped squeezable design that has a retractable pouch on the inside to prevent any bacteria from going in and that delivers the right amount of cream every single time.

Inside the droplet
CHANEL actually studied the hands of over a thousand women to come up with a better formula to take care of our hands. The formula is essentially made from May Rose wax from CHANEL’s Pégomas fields in Grasse which will protect and smooth the skin. Iris Pallida extract, another precious flower, that will help brighten the skin. And for added moisture and comfort, there’s glycerin, hyaluronic acid and shea butter.

A luxury treat that’s worth it
It’s the only hand cream that I’ve ever kept in my workbag consistently for months now. Because the formula sinks in quickly, it actually works and leaves my hands smooth and soft – not to mention they smell heavenly too. And let’s face it, because the bottle is drop-dead-gorgeous. It’s a fancy treat but one that I’ll happily save up for if it means that my hands look better than they ever have.

CHANEL La Crème Main
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