Kruidvat skincare test, did it work?

If you would have told me I’d kick off the year with a budget skincare routine, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. Yet here I am, in the fourth week of using Kruidvat’s Skin Science Derma Sensitive range and the unexpected has happened. I’ve discovered new things about my skin, the organ I thought I knew like no other. A new routine for sensitive skin made my skin happier than before. What? How? Let’s dive deeper.

Kruidvat has won awards with their skincare so when they asked me to try out this range, I trusted what they made. I was curious to see how my skin would react because it has been a long time since I’ve used an under-€10-product on my face. All Kruidvat Skin Science products are precisely €5,49. What I’m trying to figure out here is, if skincare needs to be expensive to work?

This specific Derma Sensitive range is made for sensitive and reactive skin. There’s a Recovering Day Cream, a Rebalancing Night Cream, a Calming Serum and a Soothing Oil. When I tried that last one, I immediately texted my friend Leen because I was sure her skin would love this! I appreciate that the range is concise and we’ll see if my skin-type puts up with the universal formulas. When shopping at the higher-end, I’m used to the choice of at least three different formulas according to your skin type (cream, gel, fluid, lotion,…).

But I appreciate the simplicity and the packaging. The oil comes with a drop applicator and I love the combination of a tube with a pump. It’s practical, not too bulky and you can dose the product easily.

When asked to try this range, I wanted to do so thoroughly. Especially since it’s a range for sensitive skin. I’ve discovered a great app that has a glossary of cosmetic ingredients and I’m referencing a book as well. When I scanned the ingredient list of the oil, nothing controversial came up. It has mostly plant-based ingredients that are soothing and repairing for the skin – which is what I would expect from a product like this one.

In the Day and Night cream, I’ve found mostly plant-based ingredients – all good. There was one ingredient that came up as possibly controversial because it can be classified as a mineral oil, but some more research showed that it’s harmless. All products are also fragrance-free.

Kruidvat used three specific technologies in these formulas to get the most benefits for your skin. Ectoin®, an amino acid that protects your skin from external stress factors – Ecoskin®, that helps imbalanced skin to protect itself and Defensil® (in the oil), a plant-based complex that calms your skin and brings the moisture back. I love that the focus lies on helping the skin to restore its natural defense mechanisms and its self-regulatory state of being healthy.

When I started using these products, I didn’t have any expectations. I remember thinking, “I hope they don’t make my skin too oily”. Not for a single second did I think they would make my skin’s appearance better. Because that’s simply not what I expected from €5,49 products. And yet they did.

Back to the beginning of January, where my skin was looking good overall. I had been using Delbôve for almost two months so my skin was looking as good as I knew it. For me that means no breakouts, for 80% smooth, some acne scars and with redness on my cheeks and forehead. For the record, I’ve never thought of my skin as sensitive. It had some “sensitive moments” (when I accidentally over-used Ibuprofen for example) but overall, I would classify my skin as oily and acne prone.

When I started using this range, my main concern was that my skin would get too oily. Whenever I use “universal” products, not specifically for oily skin, my skin tends to get oilier which is not a great look. I can report back that both day and night cream sink in very quickly. I massage them in ’til all the product on the surface is gone and that works well for the rest of the day/night. My foundation doesn’t melt off my face, my skin doesn’t turn all greasy during the day and my skin isn’t oilier than before in the morning.

The oil was the big surprise for me. It sinks in very quickly and it soothes my skin so much – while I didn’t know mine needed this so badly. My skin feels very comfortable whenever I’ve used the oil. It’s my little ritual at night that I look forward to. And I can’t hide my surprise that after four weeks, my skin is better off. What changed is the redness. My skin is similar in texture and break-outs (very few to none). But it’s less red than when I started using these products, a game-changer.

*For full disclosure: in combination with these products I have used DHC Deep Cleansing Oil as a cleanser, Clarins Gentle Exfoliator once every two days and occasionally Bioderma’s Micellar Water.

To conclude and answer the question above, I have found the products nourishing and calming for normal to sensitive skin. My skin has all it needs, looks at its best and feels comfortable. In my book, that’s effective. They take care of you skin, day and night for not even €17. It opened my eyes to the more budget-friendly skincare market, I’m curious to discover more things out there.

I’ll definitely keep these products around, I’m still using them and I want to compare them to my beloved higher end of the spectrum. So I’ll switch to CHANEL’s Solution 10 and La Mer’s Renewal Oil at some point. Next to that, I’m going to investigate a little bit further into the ingredients of my other skincare favourites so I might figure out what causes the redness in my face. Please let me know below if you would like an update in a bit of time. And you, do you use budget skincare? What do I need to try out?

Skin Science Derma Sensitive Range
Skin Recovering Day Cream
Skin Rebalancing Night Cream
Instant Calming Serum
Skin Soothing Oil
all €5,49 available at or in stores 

*This article was made in partnership with Kruidvat. All opinions are my own and 100% honest as always. More info here.