Just launched: Jo Malone’s Colorful Christmas

It’s here! Jo Malone’s Colorful Christmas landed yesterday. And yes, you all need an alert right now because this collection will be gone before you know it. I’m still recovering from last year’s trauma of not getting my hands on Orange Bitters and having kept trying ’til somewhere mid-May. Traumatized, I tell you. So not this year, it’s here and if you want something you’ll need to click that order in fast ladies & gents. Shall I guide you through?

When was in Amsterdam with Kruidvat last year, we went to De Bijenkorf to discover Jo Malone’s holiday bits. It was the beginning of December and that beautiful bottle of Orange Bitters was nowhere to be seen. When we asked at the counter, we were told that it was completely sold out. They still had the tester hanging around so we could at least try it and unfortunately for me, I was hooked immediately. It smelled like cookies at grandma’s on Sunday but in a very fancy setting. You get it. But it was no where to be found, I’ve visited every store and webshop – nothing.

Needless to say, I came prepared this year and I’ve secured my bottle of the relaunched-because-of-huge-success Orange Bitters. Same scent, different packaging. I was more keen on last year’s black and gold edition but this year’s will do just fine.  You can imagine how relieved, excited and looking forward to that parcel I am, right? But there is more. Have you seen the design of this year’s collection?! I’m in love, I think it’s stunning and very refreshing for a holiday collection.

I adore the graphical designs, beautiful patterns and vivid, bright colors. They have their well-known crackers, there are triangles filled with body lotions, scented ornaments and of course an iconic candle. And then there’s the new holiday limited edition that will have everyone freak out. If not for the scent, that has an intriguing base of sandalwood, that bottle of Green Almond & Redcurrant will look very pretty in your bathroom or on your hallway vanity table. I’m sure it will on mine. (Pssst! It’s sold out on the website but Parfuma still has a couple in stock.)

There are a lot of items that are already sold out on the website – don’t ask me how but even the pretty pricey but very festive Advent Calendar is gone already (but it will come back!). For those of you who like the clean and graphic bottles, keep an eye out because these beautiful black and white striped editions of Pomegranate Noir and English Pear & Freesia are still about to arrive. Also, very tempting.

If you want to see more Christmas prettiness, check out the Jo Malone website for all the details. And of course, I’m curious to know what you think about it. Thoughts? Anything on your wishlist?

PS. Fun fact, through this page you can order a colored cap for your Jo Malone 100ml colognes. I saw this for the first time in their Rue Saint Honoré store in Paris (more tips here) and it looks so playful and cool. I’ve ordered an orange one!

For those who can’t wait:
Orange Bitters 30ml and 100ml
Green Almont & Redcurrant 100ml
Available at JoMalone.eu, Parfuma & Senteurs d’Ailleurs