January Favourites

The not-so-well hidden obsessive compulsive freak inside of me is very happy that the first of February falls on a “publish an article day” so I can make January favourites happen on the first day of the new month. I get too excited about this, I know. I edited my favourites in to the new ones or the ones that made a difference for me this month, let’s take a look.

SKINCARECHANEL Le Weekend Édition Douce has been mentioned so much on here already but it’s such an effective formula that made a big difference for me last month, so I just wanted to let you know that if you’re looking for a serum with glycolic acid that’s not too harsh on your skin, this is the one.

I’ve been taking way better care of my eyes lately, hence this article, and the Clarins Skin-Smoothing Eye Mask has been a staple throughout January. I apply a thick layer of this at night and I wake up with a hydrated, soft-feeling and luminous under-eye area. To maximize the healthy-eye-look, I’ve been in to Revitalash again. Even with a few applications, I can already see this makes a difference for my lashes.

MAKEUP | I ran out of my favourite Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation and while I was waiting for a new one to come in, I grabbed an old favourite. I rediscovered how amazing the CHANEL Perfection Lumière Velvet foundation is. It has a brilliant lightweight but medium coverage formula that does wonders for my skin right now. I actually didn’t open my new Charlotte Tilbury bottle yet as I’m hooked on this one. I mix 12 Beige Rosé and 20 Beige to make a matching shade.

After more than two years of using this blush almost daily (!!), I finally hit pan on MAC Harmony. It’s my favourite blush/contour shade that I discovered at a MAC Trends presentation back in 2015 I think. It’s the perfect shade to bring definition to my face. And I forgot to add Charlotte Tilbury’s Beach Stick in Las Salinas in the picture, that’s been the blush/highlighter combo I’ve been loving at that’s been giving me my bonne minne.

If you saw me this month, it was more than likely that I had Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in the shade 8 on my lips. It’s a staple in my work bag and it’s what I use to touch up my lips during the day, no matter what my lipstick was – this stuff just works.

BODY CARE | You can basically guess how soft my skin is and how good it smells by the looks of this picture. I’ve been hooked on the Santal 33 body lotion by Le Labo, it’s such a lightweight formula that sinks in quickly but leaves my skin feeling like velvet for the whole day. The scent is heavenly! You can actually wear this alone, without fragrance on top and still smell delicious the whole damn day.

I’ve been altering this one with La Mer’s Reparative Body Lotion. Also gorgeously scented but more subtle in that beautiful La Mer scent as we all know it. I decided to invest in this body lotion since I have very dry skin and I don’t want to use a body lotion every single morning. This one keeps my skin happy, supple and hydrated for up to three days. And of course, it’s a pleasure to use.

FRAGRANCE | I’ve been going for the more mysterious fragrances this month, BYREDO’s Mojave Ghost has been my evening out or day off scent since it makes me feel very special and quite androgynous actually. The one for daily use has been the beautiful Voyage d’Hermès, a floral musk for men and women. I’ll do an Hermès special soon because I adore quite a few of their creations.

One more thing: I’ll be doing no-buy-February this month! I’m saving up to splurge on some great things for my birthday in March and I thought it could be fun I will survive shopping my own drawers for the month. (You see how I just chose the shortest month to do this? Ha.) Let me know what you think and if there is something you would like to see!

  • Eva

    Good luck with the no buy, but to be fair, that only makes me ook forward to Katia’s Birthday Month Extravaganza even more 😆

  • Darling, you could shop your stash for the rest of the year and still stumble upon unexpected discoveries 🙂 Just joking …
    All kidding aside, saving up for Katia’s Birthday Month Extravaganza (and Charlotte’s too:-) ) is good cause!

    Love xxxxx

    • The issue is, you’re probably right 😂 – Yaay for March babes! 😁❤️

  • Sismeistere

    Love the Le Labo bodylotions so much! I am a little addicted. Currently have 6 different ones on rotation! Would love to try the La Mer as well as my skin is very dry too. Thanks for a lovely post! Xx

    • 6 as in SIX?! Whooja! But I couldn’t agree more, they’re THAT good 👌🏻

      • Sismeistere

        It has become a bit of an addiction😂 My current collection; neroli, lys, ambrette, benjoin, tubereuse, rose and 7 bergamotte. Oh, I even miscounted…They are all so lovely. I pair them with the le labo bidy products whar makes them more beautiful! Xx

        • What a great collection! 👌🏻 That must look like one beautiful shelf.

          • Sismeistere

            I am really happy with it for sure!

  • Stacy