Is it weekend yet?

If you’re familiar with that craving for the weekend in the middle of the week, this one is for you. I can feel so exhausted or stressed on a Wednesday that the rest of the weeks seems impossible to survive. What often saves me, is taking the time to unwind at night.

First off, I will purposefully switch off all my devices, from phone to computer to tv. Everything goes in airplane mode and I take the evening to myself. When I do so, I go in to the mindset that everything can wait until the day after so I don’t worry about all the things I am not doing.

I don’t have the patience to be nor the imagination to be a reading-in-the-bathtub person but I do appreciate some me-time in the bathroom. Lately, I’ve been loving taking a hot shower at night to relax. When I was in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago, I discovered Kruidvat’s Moments of Me range that comes in Eucalyptus (Energy), Sweet Orange (Balance) and Lavender (Relax).

For me, the Lavender Shower Gel is my go-to bottle when I want to enjoy a relaxing shower. I really like the floral but yet green herb vibe it gives me. It’s rather strong and I like that it lingers around on my skin when I cosy up in a onesie and get ready for bed. It makes my skin very soft and I’m just really in to the lavender scent lately.

After a hot shower, I will do an extended skincare routine which really helps me to relax. When that’s all done, I’ll try to either squeeze in a quick manicure or just use some hand cream before I curl up in bed with a book, try to read two sentences and then fall asleep. Sounds familiar?