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Hi there, welcome to BEAUTYMINDED! My name is Katia and I’m very happy to see you here.

I’m a beauty aficionado that loves to share experiences, to write and to photograph. This blog started out as a makeup and beauty blog back in 2013. Over the years, it has grown  into a place where we discuss different topics such as organizing, minimalism, mental health and more.

If you’re new around here and you want to see what’s in store, I have two tips for you. The first is to check out the BEAUTY drop-down menu above this page, where you’ll find all the beauty-related articles arranged by category. So you won’t be scrolling to my endless hauls before finally finding that IGK Hair article that drove you here.

Second tip: The Archive. At the right side of this page, under the fresh stream of instagram pictures, you’ll find another drop-down menu that says archive. You’ll see the year, month and the amount of articles published. I personally find going back in time a great way to discover a blog and what the person behind is all about.

If I can recommend something, this article together with the video that’s in there, was a very well-read one. And everything with the word “PLOG” in. That’s it for now. Enjoy your stay, have a scroll and if there’s anything you want to ask or share, please leave a comment and we’ll chat!


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