Hi! I’m Katia, a real beauty aficionado living in Belgium and serving up your daily dose of all things pretty. I’m very passionate about skincare, makeup, haircare and all other bits that make our daily life a little more beautiful.

Lips or eyes?
Dog or cat?
Chinese or Italian?
Hmm.. Chinese. No, Italian.
Movies or theatre?
I watch the first, perform the second.
Dessert or cheese?
Dessert! (I really don’t like cheese.)
NARS or Bobbi Brown?
Impossible choice.
Handbag or shoes?
Scarf or turtle neck?
Coffee or tea?
London or Paris?
London, but Paris is right after.
Friends or The Office?
Running or spinning?
Ferris wheel or rollercoaster?
Champagne or wine?
One after the other.
Cactus or flowers?
Beautiful peonies.

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