How to get yourself some Glossier?

Today I’m answering the most frequently asked question on my Instagram for the past month, how to get Glossier in Belgium – or anywhere else that’s not the US? Since so many of you had questions, I think this article might help you out. If you have more questions, fire away in the comments.

There are multiple ways to get Glossier – or any other brand that doesn’t ship internationally. There is traveling to the US or ask a friend who lives there to get it for you and ship it your way. But there are also companies that make this their business, they act as someone that ships your parcel to you.

How does that work? 
I have used both fromus2eu and Borderlinx in the past to forward me packages from the US. With fromus2eu, I e-mailed what I wanted and the shopping was done for me. There was a handling fee and then you pay taxes and shipping. More or less two weeks later, I had my parcel.

When my parcel arrived, I had the always unpleasant surprise of paying import duties at the post office. No one likes that. So I did some more research and I saw that my friend Nadia wrote about Borderlinx (link to her article).

Borderlinx is a self-service website that is easy to navigate, has pages full of FAQs and is less expensive than fromus2eu in my experience. They work together with with DHL so they’re really fast and they calculate the import duties for you. That means no surprises and faster shipping.

You do the shopping yourself and you send your order to your personal Borderlinx address in their US hub. They keep it aside for you and you can choose to ship it right away or to combine the shipping of multiple parcels (or consolidate packages, in their jargon).

You can release your parcel at any time, you pay taxes and shipping and boom – about four days later, you have your order at home.

Is it that simple? 
Yes, absolutely. It’s simple and that comes at a price. Services like these aren’t cheap. To compensate a little, I try to shop with a discount code. If you’re shopping at Glossier, you can shop through the page of one of their so called ‘reps’ and that gives you 20% off your first order. (Here is the link to the rep page of the talented Amelia)

When I first used these services, I was very nervous about the fact that you order something and you don’t know what is going to happen next. Are they going to hold it hostage for more money? Is it going to get here safe? Do they care?

What I’ve learned is not to worry, everything will. be. fine. Borderlinx has a good customer service that I’ve contacted multiple times and I’ve always had a smooth experience.

And Glossier? 
Now it’s up to you – you can either decide to splurge and get what you want or just wait it out. If you really want some Glossier, they have announced shipping to the UK later in the year and since all their packaging states English and French descriptions, I imagine we’re not that far away from the international shipping.

Let me know what you think and comment away with your experiences or questions – I’m curious to learn what’s on your US wishlist?

Oh! And did you see? This is the first article in the TECH FRIDAY category. It’s a new section I’m launching to voice my inner nerd. Next up is an article on my SONOS experience. If you think SO-what or SO-who, I’ll see you here next Friday!