Hanging out

A very original title, I know. But hangers really matter to me. I get that this may sound as the weirdest thing – but ever since I was little, I thought hangers were the most annoying thing. Hence why I fold most of my clothes. At the same time, I love seeing what is actually in my closet. So, back to hangers.

In our family, we always had a thousand different ones. Black, white, brown, shabby, neat, layered with the funkiest crochet on top or just half (or completely) broken. I was wounded by them more than once, broke them on a regular basis and I know it sounds silly but hangers were a source of daily frustration. Ask my mom, I shouted more than once: I want to live in a house without hangers!

Not too long ago, I realized that I could change this – I’ve invested in 1. beautiful, 2. non-tangling and 3. non-breakable hangers. To add a third ridiculous quote to this article, rose gold uniform hangers have truly changed my quality of life. Okay, now I’m even laughing a bit but it’s so true. They make me happy every time I open my closet or hang something up.

Where before, all my hangers were crazy colours and had a hundred different shapes and forms, it’ so satisfying to open a closet where everything is neatly ordered and on the same style hanger. My hanger revolution was evoked by throwing out 90% of my closet, keeping only my favourite pieces. Marie Kondo would be proud.

Then I needed to find hangers that I liked. I wanted rose gold ones, seemingly made of one single wire. As in: without unnecessary clips and cuts, simple and easy to hang pants and tops. I strolled on different websites, started with Zara and H&M Home I believe. And from there, I stumbled on HAY hangers at De Bijenkorf that were discounted. Unfortunately, the rose gold ones are gone but I’ve put up a link to the same ones in black.

Since I use them, I have no trouble whatsoever hanging everything back in the closet at the end of the day or when I’ve done the washing. I had no idea that changing the hangers in your closet, not for Instagram purposes but truly for yourself, would have such a big impact. Therefor, let it be my tip of the week! Anyone that feels similar? (Please share, I can not be the only autistic one about clothes hangers?)