Haircare hype: IGK

Back when I was in New York, I couldn’t avoid the hype: IGK haircare was everywhere. And whilst I didn’t plan on picking up that much hair products, their cool branding and hybrid formulas got to me like donuts (just because, I really like donuts). Here is the low-down and they’re listed in order of awesomeness.

Smoke & Mirrors – Conditioning Cleansing Oil
A conditioning cleansing oil? Sure, I need that in my life. *grabs two* Does this sound like something you really want in your bathroom, or is it just me? It has an  ah-mazing scent (like Marc Jacobs’ Daisy) and is currently my go-to Sunday treatment for my dry hair. It cleanses and hydrates in one go. And everything that saves time and smells nice, gets a high score in my book.

Prenup – Instant Spray Mask
For the more intense treatments, call in this Prenup. Another bottle that has more to it than a funny name. Inspired by the Korean splash-masks, this treatment can be used in-shower and requires only one minute leave-in time. Very soft and hydrated hair that smells like candy floss. Score. (It’s the heavier duty one compared to Smoke & Mirrors.)

1995 – 2-in1 Shampoo & Texturizer
Oh my word. Did I already say that products that save me time and smell nice have a huge plus? Count this one in too. It’s a shampoo with some charcoal thrown in (it’s really grey in color), which doesn’t only cleanse but also gives your hair some serious texture. There’s no going back from this one and I use it whenever I need my hair to look awesome. This guarantees that.

Down & Out – Dirty Spray
Dirty Spray, boom boom. Isn’t this a Black Eyed Peas song? It’s in any case a nice kind of grooming spray. It reminds me of Bumble & Bumble’s City Swept. So it definitely adds some shine and hold to your hair but it’s not crazy. I’ll use it when I don’t need that much dryness (aka texturizing powder) in my hair, just some grit.

Beach Club – Texture Spray
I can be short on this one. It smells awesome (that’s a theme here), does something to my hair – but not enough. I’ve very thick, heavy hair and an average texturizing spray won’t do. So let’s say 2 stars out of 5 for the effort.

Rich Kid – Coconut Oil Gel
Everything was set out for me to love this one. Rich Kid. Coconut Oil. In a gel. What?! But it’s a bit disappointing. It doesn’t do much. But I’ll use it up because it is hydrating (just not enough) and.. you guessed it, it smells great.

Anything that you’d like to try out from IGK? They’re not (yet) available in Belgium or in the French Sephora (boo!) but let’s make that happen, shall we, IGK? 🙂
UPDATE: IGK Hair is available at Space.NK, they ship most products to Belgium.