All about Glossier You

I’ve seriously toned down my fragrance collection over the past year. It was getting out of hand because to me, my fragrance collection is my true wardrobe. It’s my closet for different moods or feelings.I partially blame my mom for my fragrance addiction since I grew up in a house with at least 50 precious bottles on display next to the bath. You could say that I learned a lot about fragrances and my preferences that way, which is definitely true. I love recognizing and guessing different ingredients and it will always be one of my passions.

Today, I’m telling you that if I ever were to wear only one fragrance, it would be Glossier You. Yes, I’m definitely a Glossier fangirl – but yes, I would have told you if I hated it too. It’s just that, I don’t. I’m madly in love. This fragrance is made by world renowned nose Frank Voelkl and Dora Baghriche. Mr. Voelkl already made one of my favourite fragrances ever, it’s the man behind the epic Le Labo Santal 33,  so I see him as my personal perfumer by now.

ambrette / warm
ambrox / salty
musk / addictive
iris root / powder
pink pepper / sparkling

I can’t compare Glossier You to anything I’ve smelled before. But if I had to hint you into a direction, it would be  Escentric Molecules, Molecule 01. Not necessarily because of the scent but because of the interaction with your skin. As Glossier states that “You” are the first ingredient in the fragrance, the scent mingles with your skin and attaches itself to you and your clothes.

To me, it smells like magic. Like power and freedom. Like so many possibilities. It’s one that I really can’t define, which makes it so special – it’s unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before. And I believe that’s why I’m so madly in love. I’ve been wearing it since the end of December and I haven’t used anything else. Sometimes, I add a whiff of another fragrance to mix it up – because since it’s so personal, you can mix it however you like. Over the last few weeks, a combo with Le Labo’s Vanille 44 has been a true winner.

I know it’s hard to get over here in Belgium but I hope Glossier starts shipping more internationally soon. France is coming this year, so Belgium can’t be that hard, right? I cross my fingers because I’m going to need a refill of this one, soon. Sorry for the tease – if you’re going to New York, I can only advise you to go and visit the showroom!

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