Almost a year of anticipation went by before we finally got to meet this new creation. I remember being the end of 2016 and reading the first rumors about a new fragrance to be launched by CHANEL with its relatively new “nose”, following in the footsteps of his father Jacques, Olivier Polge. And when CHANEL launches a new fragrance, everyone gets excited – especially since it has been 15 years that they launched an entirely new creation. After months of guessing and more rumors, Gabrielle saw the light – and she caught it beautifully.

She was introduced by a stunning campaign with Kristin Stewart as its muse (my favourite video is this one). You’ll see a celebration of white flowers that are the heart of the fragrance, orange blossom, ylang ylang, jasmin and tuberose. Olivier tried to unify them as one rebellious bouquet. Before you smell anything, you’ll see the beautiful new glass bottle with matte lamé (between gold and silver) details. I found it quite special when I held it for the first time.

CHANEL chose the opposite side on the spectrum that associates the heaviness of a bottle and the luxury element of a fragrance. They chose an iconic design with a very modern touch, a very thin glass bottle, something I can definitely appreciate and I can not wait to see how they will move this to the extension of the collection. I’ll move on to the notes in a second but I love the fragrance and I can not wait to see a body wash, lotion and an oil pretty please. Preferably accompanied by a stylish purse spray. But that’s just me, dreaming.

The reason why I am dreaming is because this fragrance answered my call for a modern yet unique new fragrance. It’s creamy while also energetic, floral but definitely also musky and it settles like powder on you skin and changes during the day. Olivier started by wondering: what flower do you choose to be the one? A question without answer. So he found four and created his own imaginary flower, the one that honours all others. His flower consists of orange blossom, ylang ylang, jasmine and a hint of tuberose, surrounded by musk, sandalwood and energized with mandarin peel and blackcurrant.

Regardless of how much I adore CHANEL as an icon and a brand, I could never wear a fragrance that I don’t like. When I tried Gabrielle for the first time, I was so mesmerized by the scent that I sprayed it on to everything I had on me that day. I wanted to indulge myself in it – and I have been doing so regularly over the past few months. I don’t find it to be an outspoken Summer or Winter fragrance, it’s very interchangeable and I believe that depending on your mood or the amount of sunlight, you could wear it as something fresh or more cosy. It’s the first new creation of the house since they launched Chance back in 2002. I think it was definitely worth the wait. Have you tried it already?

Available now.