Fri-yay, countdown to the weekend

Can you already feel the weekend? I can! *little happy dance* This week was so much fun, I’m having a great time at work and I met with incredible and awesome people after work. That also means I’ve been writing articles on my fifteen minute lunch breaks while answering e-mails and catching up on comments and I’ve been surviving on an average of 5 hours sleep. Face masks and serums to the rescue!

Next week, I’m off to Paris to discover some new launches and I silently hope to squeeze in some shopping. Kat Von D at Sephora? Yes please! And then there are some more beauty dates later that week for some super cool projects that are coming up, I’ll try to take you with me  #PLOGtime

To prepare for all of that – and to get me through Friday, the products above were my power team this morning. My skin is addicted to the La Mer Reparative Body Lotion, it makes it incredibly soft and hydrated. And since Belgium turned in to the North Pole (-5°C and I’m dreading every time I need to go outside), I thought my skin could use some more La Mer love with The Moisturizing Cream.

When I want to feel good, I choose a fragrance that suits my mood. CHANEL’s Les Exclusifs in Jersey was perfect for today. With notes such as lavender, vanilla and musk, it’s a very stylish scent that lingers around in a very beautiful and warm way without being too heavy or overpowering. It’s beautifully balanced and exactly what I needed to make me feel awesome this morning.

Happy Fri-yay my loves! By the way, I’ve been loving the vibe that’s been going on around here – thank you for all your comments and feel-good-spirit. ❤