diptyque rosa mundi x antoinette poisson

For this year’s Valentine collection, diptyque teamed up with designer and restauratrice of domino wallpaper, Antoinette Poisson. She got the freedom to create her own design and she chose to illustrate the duality of the two roses in the Rosa Mundi candle and the Eau Dominotée.

It’s a stunning floral design that looks absolutely gorgeous on any desk, drawer or table – I assure you. I purchased the candle but am heartbroken over the Eau Dominotée – it’s already sold out. The genius is, it’s a multi-use fragrance that doubles as personal fragrance, linen spray and room spray in a 200ml.

I didn’t go for it since I still have some Eau Plurielle from two years ago – that I still use, it’s divine. But I’m sure that if it’s still around after no-buy-February, this will be mine too. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the early stages of Spring with the beautiful candle. If you get the chance, take a whiff, fall in love, surprise your loved ones with this one – it won’t disappoint.

Diptyque Valentine’s Collection
Available at cosmeticary.com

  • Benieuwd naar de geur! Ziet er alvast waaaauw uit.

  • Ohh deze staat op mijn lust list sinds ik hem een tijdje geleden zag verschijnen op social media <3 de geur klinkt heerlijk en die verpakking is zo swoonworthy!

    • Hi Elisa! Swoonworthy omschrijft het helemaal 😀 Hij is heel fijn, verwen jezelf maar eens!