My skin-saving Delbôve ritual

Since trying skincare for sensitive skin, the one from Kruidvat in the beginning of this year, I’m more conscious than ever about the products and ingredients I use on my face. I realized that my skin is happier if I use products without fragrance and possibly also other pore-clogging materials that I’m still trying to figure out. I’ve been trialing and testing a lot in these last few months and my skin got very upset. Four weeks ago, I had reached the point where I thought: no more, and I switched back to the routine that always restores peace, the one from Delbôve.

Delbôve’s formulas are as natural as possible, all derived from pure plant extracts. I love how they’re now using the name Delbôve Botanicals, referring to the wealth of plants they use in their whole range. There’s no artificial fragrance, no parabens, no mineral oils and they’re not tested on animals. In the process of streamlining their range, a couple of products also changed names which I’ll add below. But it’s great to see this beautiful Belgian brand moving, growing and helping more people into a balanced, happy skin.

I stick by the Magic Ritual, Crème and Eau Sorcière to cleanse my skin in the morning and when I feel like it, I use it as a second cleanse in the evening. It’s not my favourite to take makeup off so when I don’t use it in the evening, I do spritz Eau Sorcière all over to prep my skin for the serum. My potion of choice is the Sérum Souabou (was Gel Perfection), a product of which I can feel that it makes all the difference. With arnica montana extract, marigold, horse chestnut, willow & comfrey as main ingredients, this serum uses nature’s force to keep my skin clear.

Then I follow up with the heavenly cream that’s Baume Souabou (was Baume Pacifiant). I remember that when I first used this one, I didn’t understand how this could be a cream to target acne prone or blemished skin. It feels rather thick and takes some time to skin in. But as it turns out, this is exactly why this works so well on my skin, you only need a thin layer and the products takes its time to slowly hydrate but also purify your skin. It’s genius.

I also use Merveille des Yeux (was Eau Apaisante Yeux) to calm my crazy sensitive eyes from a long day in front of a computer screen. It’s a moment of calm and quiet when I take the time to soak two cotton rounds in this potion. More recently, I try to mask every week with the Masque Souabou, one of the very best purifying masks out there and next the Masque Ephémérides (was Masque Plénitude). That las tone is one of Delbôve’s best kept secrets if you ask me, this amazing mask calms and hydrated skin like I’ve never seen a mask do that before. My skin loves both and is at its best when I stick to this routine.

Skincare-wise, I only want to try two other brands this year (or later) and that’s Drunk Elephant as they also use natural ingredients and no additional fragrances. And Biologique Recherche, because I’m so impressed with their P50 Lotion and the samples of Crème GS99 and Crème Aminos that I got with it. Delbôve will always remain a go-to ritual in my bathroom and rumour has it that new things are coming. If you let me make a wishlist, I’m wishing for a lip balm (as I’m an addict), a good makeup removing cleanser (maybe an oil?), a body product in a stylish glass bottle with pump (a girl can dream) and maybe a venture in the makeup department?