A closer look at the Dyson Supersonic

Have you spotted the fanciest hair dryer in town already? It’s this Dyson Supersonic and it’s fifty shades of amazing. Over a hundred engineers spent more than four years developing it to be revolutionary. It’s funny actually, when you think we’ve been using the same design of hair dryers for yonks. Dyson challenged the current models and what came out of that is just awesomeness.

The Supersonic hair dryer is innovating on multiple fronts. Let’s talk design first. Since the motor is in the handle, the weight is in there too. While it’s not a heavy machine at all, this makes a big difference when you’re actually styling your hair as it’s easier on your arm and wrist. The motor is also way more powerful than we’re used to so expect this one to dry with force.

Speaking of what we’re used to, does your hair dryer have a chip? This one does and it measures twenty (!!) times per second the heath it diffuses in order not to damage your hair. How crazy cool? It also doesn’t get hotter than 140°C since that’s the limit your hair can take without being damaged.


All this technology is in there to benefit one thing: our hair. Dyson took this one seriously and they’ve studied hair, how we care for our hair, how we dry it and so on. The amount of studies and lab tests they did is completely off the charts and a question they actually studied was: “How does hair get that glossy finish?” They found out that a good hair dryer makes a hell of a difference.

Something else they improved is the noise these things make. I’m used to not hearing anything when I dry my hair and this changed too. It’s less noisy than a regular hair dryer. On top of that, this is great news for professionals who now can talk to their clients when they style their hair.

They’ve built and tested this device with our hair and comfort in mind. You can use it on its own, with a small diffuser, a larger diffuser and a diffuser for curly hair that all click on there magnetically. Easy peasy. Now, having all the facts here, I want to tell you about my experience with it because I’ve got the chance to try it out myself, in my bathroom.


After three weeks of testing, there are three things I noticed. You should know that I have long and thick hair that I hand dry every morning without any additional styling products. With my classic hair dryer, it took me easily over 12 minutes to dry. I timed the Dyson, it’s 7 minutes now. That’s almost half of the time I spent before. For me, it’s thanks to the force, the large diffuser and the well-measured temperature.

A second thing, it’s easier for me to style my hair when I use the Dyson because it’s lighter and easier to move around. The head is not as big and bulky as the one of a classic hair dryer and I was surprised what a difference that makes. The most important thing though, is that my hair actually looks better. It’s shinier, healthier and better moisturized. If it would be legit to call hair glowy, I would describe mine as that.

Available now at dyson.be

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