SOS dry skin, the new Clinique Moisture Surge

Since I’ve been treating my skin like the normal, dehydrated mess it is, I’ve had great results. Before I was drying it with all kinds of anti-acne products it actually didn’t need anymore. Even though I’m really into skincare, I just walked straight into this well-known trap of not changing your skincare as you grow older. It took me a while to figure out what worked and what didn’t work. After testing some really basic products for this article, I’ve come around to see that my skin basically just craves hydration.

Insert Clinique’s revamped Moisture Surge cream. This formula has been around for a while and is wildly popular with people with sensitive and dehydrated skin. This month, Clinique is launching the new Moisture Surge, 72-hour Auto Replenishing Hydrator. That auto-replenishing thing is kinda cool. There’s a mechanism in our skin that hydrates it continuously during the day. Obviously, external factors damage it but Clinique’s Moisture Holding Super-Matrix has all the ambition to get this mechanism fully functioning again.

There’s also hyaluronic acid, aloë water and caffeine in there to boost your skin’s moisture and plumpness levels to great heights. You get the picture: this is a moisturizer, but a very thorough one. I’ve been trying this for a bit and what I like is that while it’s very moisturizing, it’s not a heavy formula. It’s more like a water-based gel instead of a thick cream, much to my liking. And I’m pretty impressed by the price too, for €19 you have a 30ml edition that will last you quite some time.

And whilst we’re on to Clinique newness, I couldn’t skip the absolutely gorgeous collab with Marimekko. The Finnish design studio created some gorgeous designs for the new Clinique Pop Splash + Hydration lip products. These glosses are super hydrating, funkily pigmented (as in: colour is there, but it’s not too much) and not as sticky. I’m a fan! I’ll try to share some swatches soon but I wanted to give you a heads up today as these are bound to go fast…