Why I am saying goodbye to 90% of my beauty closet

About a month ago, I was browsing Netflix on Sunday and in the new in section I saw a documentary called Minimalism. I was triggered, I follow a couple of YouTubers who talk about minimalism and I wanted to know more.

This documentary spoke to me like nothing else did in a very long time. I watched it twice that same Sunday and I have seen it five times since. I made my parents watch it, tipped it to friends and now, I’m writing about it.


I’ve always led a maximalist life, one filled with tons of stuff and with a never ending wishlist for more. I can hear my mom saying “It’s never enough for you. You always want more. You are never satisfied.” at multiple points in my life. When I was twelve in a toy store, when I was fifteen during a holiday and even more after.

Watching this documentary has been eye-opening in many ways for me. One of the most important things I learned is that I’m trying to fill bottomless holes in my life with stuff while that isn’t the answer. It will never be. It’s not about having a closet with a hundred nail polishes, a drawer stuffed with the newest lipsticks or countless expensive serums.

Even more, opening my to the brim-filled beauty closet to choose a mask on Sunday morning doesn’t make me happy – it causes me stress. Stress to choose, to clean, to orden, to rearrange, to use up, to.. I’ve spent too many Sundays going through stuff, making room for more.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel privileged to receive new launches from the most beautiful brands and I am grateful for everything I get to try out. I just realized it doesn’t make me happy to keep accumulating and collecting all these things.


I’ve been minimizing all over my apartment, from kitchen appliances over clothing to decoration. But the biggest thing for me to tackle was my beauty storage. I’m sure it would qualify me to appear on Extreme Hoarders.. I thought it was going to be hard to only keep the things that make me happy but – it actually wasn’t. Rather than keeping products in “my collection” and having them gather dust on the shelves, I wanted for them to be more, to mean more.

Therefor next Sunday the 11th of June, I will be selling over 700 products (yes, that’s right – see how ridiculous it was?) for mostly €2, €4 or €10 so they can be used by someone else. Even more, half of the proceedings will go to Red Nose Day. You have seen my “collection”, you know what you’ll find there and if you’re interested in giving some great products a second home while contributing to charity – drop me an e-mail or a comment and I’ll send you the details.

You don’t get rid of the things that make you unhappy overnight. It’s a process that doesn’t come easy but when you’re conscious about why you are doing this all, it’s not difficult either. Next Sunday, you’ll read the next article on my journey to minimalism, to a happier life.