CHANEL Neapolis makes me want to wear colour

Highly anticipated as every year, CHANEL launched its new SS18 Neapolis makeup collection in the beautiful city of Napoli. Home to creative director Lucia Pica, the city is the star of the latest collection. Napoli shines in all its colours. Personally, I was drawn to the contrasts in this collection and I’m surprised by how wearable all the makeup actually is. It’s bold, it’s vibrant and yes, it makes me want to wear colour (and go on holiday, that too).

First things first, did you see that palette? It’s the new holy grail of CHANEL palettes if you ask me. Les 9 Ombres in Affresco has its warm neutral tones, a hint of pink, some very wearable blue and green and shimmery goodness to top it all off. It is out of this world to me and of course, limited edition.

Another innovative piece is the Poudres à Lèvres. Oh yes, lip powder. I’ve read that it has been done before, years ago and I’m so happy that CHANEL is bringing new, playful formulas like these back to life. Lucia really got creative with the formulas. The duo consists of a priming balm and a very pigmented powder that goes on top in the intensity that you like. Matte lips 2.0. It’s easy to apply, comfortable and stays put for a long time. I’ve worn the shade Rosso Pompeiano it to different occasions and I’m over the moon with it.

For the fans of the Ombre Première eyeshadow, CHANEL has included a more adventurous shade, a beautiful turquoise in Verderame (exclusively online). It pairs beautifully with the Les Dimensions mascara in Nero Metallo. As always there are also matching Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Nero Vulcanico and Mare-Chiaro.

More red lips with the limited Rouge Allure Velvet in L’Indomabile and the very cool additions to the Rouge Coco Gloss. A blue gloss, which fortunately isn’t blue but acts like a cool toned instagram-filter for your lips in Aphrodite. And my favourite is Poppea, a warm fuchsia.

CHANEL never backed away from a shocking nail polish colour, Giallo Napoli is a candy-yellow that makes me think of 2015 when I wore yellow, blue and pink nailpolish all at the same time. Good times. This year, I’ll keep it simpler with the deep mint Verde Pastello I think. How do you feel about all the colours? Do you want to eat gelatto in Napoli yet?

CHANEL Neapolis
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