An icon is reborn. As of tomorrow, there is a #NEWCHANEL5 called CHANEL N°5 L’Eau. A fragrance interpreted by in-house perfumer Olivier Polge, 95 years after the original scent. It’s one that’s meant to stay, that translates the iconic N°5 to the here and now, that is meant to be worn and continue to spread the olfactory heritage that N°5 is.

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Olivier Polge, son of Jacques Polge who created the Eau de Parfum and the Eau Première, examined the essence of N°5 to truly understand the role of each and every ingredient. What he did, is best to describe in CHANEL’s own words.

“Giving preference to aldehydes with the scent of orange rind and abandoning the more metallic ones. Increasing the vibrancy of the zests and removing the powder from the base. Rendering the woods more dynamic and adding green to the ylang-ylang. Making the jasmine as light as air and decreasing the vanilla.”

Respecting its history while looking to the future, Olivier Polge has completely reinvented N°5.

It’s a fresh floral, a sultry jasmin and a vibrant mix of musc and wood in the base. It resembles N°5 but it’s the N°5 from here and now. It’s not a cologne, nor is it a toned down version of a parfum or eau de toilette. It’s an Eau, unique and long-lasting as only CHANEL can make them.

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The iconic silhouette of the flacon is on the outside of the box, inside, there’s the beautiful black and white packaging that steals the show. The bottle is crystal clear, as an Eau should be. Simplicity is key here but with an eye for luxury.

I’ve been enjoying L’Eau for quite a while now and I find it to be equally as powerful as the N°5 parfum, only in a more soft focus way. It’s present, but less sharp. It’s bewildering, long-lasting and intoxicating just as its older sister but in a more modern way. A new chapter of the iconic scent.

Personally, I’m a N°5 Première girl and that one still stands as my favourite of the collection. I do believe that if you’re a true N°5 Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette fan, you’ll adore L’Eau. In any case, if you’re into fragrances at all, go and try it out. It’s a part of fragrance history that’s being written, as from tomorrow.

Available September 1st. 

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