A modern take on fragrance rituals, CHANEL N°5 L’Eau

Last year, CHANEL introduced us to N°5 L’Eau – a fresh and vibrant interpretation of the House’s iconic fragrance, created by Olivier Polge. It’s truly brought to life with its slogan in mind: “You know me, and you don’t.” It’s familiar but different, it’s exciting, young, fresh and new – while also feeling so familiar. I’m not the greatest fan of the original N°5 and while I have the softest spot for Eau Première, my beauty heart is beating faster discovering these two new launches.

One fragrance, two products.
Two products, two gestures.

With these words, CHANEL introduced us to N°5 L’Eau All-Over spray, a refreshing body & hair mist and N°5 L’Eau On Hand Cream. Both of them in a matte (!!) black and white packaging. I’m not going to play it down, this stuff is just looking absolutely gorgeous. Regardless of what’s inside, these are very stylish additions to your bag of preference or coffee table – it’d both work.

Always looking after our well-being, CHANEL suggest that we use both products as a self-care ritual. I won’t object, I’m all for me-time and small breaks during the day. While the “On” Hand Cream screamed my name way more (because I adore the original), I’ve fallen in love with the All-Over spray. It’s such a light mist and I have to admit, I fell for the marketing and truly use it in a ritual where I spray my hair and upper-body. I love how it lingers around and isn’t all too present, in a good way.

To no surprise, the On Hand Cream – let’s quickly address the “On” here, it’s there I believe because the hand cream is supposed to be a practical accessory, both stylish and easy to take with you, so – the On Hand Cream delivers in all departments. It has the same kick-ass, nourishing and fast-absorbing formula as the original one but with a different scent and as stated, drop-dead-gorgeous matte packaging. And now I just panicked, because it’s -bien sur – edition limitée.

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