Books I have read in January & February

When writing this article, I realized it might be better to wait ’til the end of the month to sum up my reads. But skip that, I’m not that organized. I’ve read some pretty cool books already and I wanted to review them for you. For the first time, I’ve set myself a reading goal over on Goodreads. Let’s be friends on there, I’m always in for a good book recommendation.

Haruki Murakami – Norwegian Wood *
Murakami books have been on the rise in 2017 and curious as I am, I had to read one. I chose to read Norwegian Wood first. It seemed wildly popular and now it’s a mystery to me why. You can see the one star, I didn’t fall in love. I couldn’t get into it. The writing was more boring and annoying to me than bewildering and hey – that’s just a difference in taste. It’s very descriptive, the theme is rather depressing and there wasn’t much happening altogether. I did think about what happened in the book for two days after I’d put it down, which I didn’t expect to. Should I give another one a try? If so, please tell me which one to read. I need help on this.

Andy Puddicombe – Mindful Eating **
I’m a daily Headspace user and Andy is one of my personal heroes. He is a Buddhist monk/entrepreneur/mindfulness badass. He wrote a book about Meditation and Mindfulness that I enjoyed as some more background to my daily Headspace exercises. But the one about Mindful Eating didn’t amaze me. Especially since there is a 10-day plan involved… There were some interesting insights but it couldn’t bring me to implementing anything. Maybe it could use an update? Maybe if there was an app! Still love Andy, but I’ll pass this one along.

Mark Manson – The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck **
The fact that I read this book less than a month ago and that I don’t remember a lot, speaks for itself. It’s an easy read, gives you some things to think about but apparently nothing too impactful. I’ve thought a couple of times: “You’re right, I shouldn’t give a f*ck!” but in the end, I think my f*ck balance or budget or whatever Mark and Sarah (Knight) like to call it is pretty okay. If you’re looking into these kinds of reads, I would recommend you How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie, Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins and You are badass by Jen Sincero. 

Brené Brown – Braving the wilderness ****
Oh Brené. I love this kick-ass researcher! I was very excited when I saw that she brought out a new book. I’ve read all her work so far and she deserves credit for helping me through the toughest times in my career. While I was reading this one, I couldn’t help but thinking “this is just more of the same”. But that’s a good thing. I love all that she’s talking about! All the vulnerability knowledge, techniques to show up and be counted on, braving the wilderness in different situations. If you’re interested in personal development and understanding your emotions, this is the good stuff.

Chelsea Fagan – The Financial Diet *****
A few months ago I discovered the YouTube channel of The Financial Diet, where Chelsea gives you advice on how to get around in the money department. I’ve found the videos to be entertaining and useful so when I saw she wrote a book, that was right up my street. It was a great read. Well-chosen chapters, good stories, hands-on advice that was all easy to understand. I integrated some of Chelsea’s advice in my budget and and I have some stuff to think about. It might be my nerdy-side but I kinda wish I could read it again. Maybe in some time!

Jesse Mecham – You Need A Budget *****
Thanks to Kelly, I discovered YNAB in October last year. Just like so many people out there, I’ve tried different budget methods but nothing really stuck. Insert: You Need A Budget. It’s a great brilliant tool to work towards your financial goals. When I started budgeting, I read every newsletter, blog article and watched every relevant YouTube video I could find to learn more. I’m very passionate about my budget and reading Jesse’s methods made me even more eager. It’s well-written, very clear and even funny. Who’d ever thought you could say that about a book on finances?

That’s a wrap! I love reading book recommendations on blogs, so let me know if you’d like to see more of this in the future and don’t hesitate to drop some of your favourite titles in the comments 🙂