When I saw this date on the calendar, I could barely believe that this adventure has been going on for four years already. Four years. My little blog is a proper toddler now – or an adult bunny. As I described it on Instagram, on this day four years ago – I felt a rush of adrenaline and excitement. But there was also a lot of self-doubt. Little did I know, I opened the door to one of my life’s greatest stories.

I got to meet incredible people over the years. A lot of them were inspirations to me and some of them even became trusted friends. The beauty community is one of the most supportive ones out there and I want to take the time to recognize each and every one of you who ever wrote a nice comment, a supportive tweet or a kind e-mail. Talking with this incredible community makes me feel very grateful.

Looking back, I am also extremely happy and proud to be working together with beautiful brands and companies in this industry. Without all of your support, I would never be able to try out so many things and write so many different stories. I had planned to look back at some highlights in this article but I’m sure I would forget so many because they were so numerous.

Over the past few years, times came along where it was hard to write daily or even weekly. But to be honest, I have never thought about giving up or just quit this time consuming hobby because, it’s such an enriching adventure. Instead, there is coming more. More for you, more for me. Starting with the top of the iceberg, my new logo designed by the talented Marine de Quénetain. The new website with more newness is coming soon (for the curious ones, it will be designed by Mind of Media).

Yes, like a big cliché I am going to end this one with a big thank you to all of you. My beloved readers, blogging friends, beautiful brands and many more. Without you, this adventure wouldn’t be worth it.