April Favourites

A teeny tiny bit late but here is to my April favourites. I’ve been loving the little routine I put together last month, it’s low key and rather subtle – not what I’m usually going for but I’ve been liking this a lot. Recently, I switched my routine to a full on Glossier one and you can read about it here. But right before that, it was all about these ones..

For a little bit over a month, I’ve been using the serums by The Ordinary. I have been liking everything that I’ve tried from them so far but I have two favourites. The first one is the Niancinamide 10% + Zinc 1% serum because it’s helping with blemishes and congested skin, as well as with sebum production. It definitely helped keeping my skin clear and it was a nice addition to my morning routine.

Second favourite, is the Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2%. It’s a stronger chemical exfoliator that makes my skin super smooth. I’ve been using it in the evening for a couple of nights in a row when my skin looked dull and didn’t feel even. I was scared to get addicted because that’s how magical this stuff is.

Especially when using acids on your skin, it’s important to protect it in the sun. I’ve been loving the renewed Origins A Perfect World SPF40 daily moisturizer. It feels a little thick, like sunscreen actually, but it sinks in quickly and my skin likes it a lot.

My favourite mask this month has been my latest Delbôve discovery, Masque Plénitude. I had the pleasure of hosting another Sorcière Party (which I’ll tell you more about soon!) and we saw again demonstrated what this mask can do for your skin. It restores balance and hydration, something that my dehydrated face  appreciated a lot.

In the makeup department, I’ve been over the moon with my recent Glossier discoveries. The Cloud Paint blushes are just.. magical. I adore the packaging, the “pillowy gel-cream” formula and the effect once blended in to the skin. It gives that natural flush, that beautiful faded effect on the cheeks. While writing this, I’m even wondering how I ever could go back to powder blush?

My first love was Haze, the berry coloured one. It suits my skin tone and hair I believe, I love using it on my lips with a bit Balm Dotcom at the same time. Very effortless and subtle. Later in the month, I’ve switched to Dusk. It’s a gorgeous and subtle brown tone that gives something to the cheeks without being too in your face. I use my fingers or a MAC 188 brush.

I basically ordered Glossier because I couldn’t resist the Cloud Paints any longer. What I didn’t expect to like was the Generation G lipstick, but it has become my shared-first-place favourite. It’s a sheer matte lipstick and you have no idea how genius that is until you’ve tried it. All the matte formulas I know, are opaque and very drying. This is the opposite of that. And I love. it. I have the shade Crush, a raspberry pink – but more are coming.

I don’t know in which category to put a toothpaste, honestly. I’ve discovered Lebon‘s beautiful organic toothpastes at Delbôve. They’ve just redesigned their whole collection and added more flavours. I’ll do a separate article on them all but I’ve been loving the Le White one this month, it has Moroccan Mint, Green Tea and natural whitening Papaya extracts. Yum.

The last thing that was an absolute favourite of mine this month, is Lola James Harper’s Fun Fair of the Tuilleries scent. Technically, this is a home scent but it’s the equivalent of the Marie-Stella-Maris candle in Cinéma Bleu that I’ve been loving so fondly. I wanted to wear it as a scent and this comes close with notes of green fig and cotton candy. (And it’s much cheaper than DS and Durga’s alternative that I like a lot too.) I found it at the beautiful new Fin du Jour store in Anwterp.

Now I am curious to hear, what are you recent favourites?

  • Sophie ♥

    You and Anna have officially sold me on the cloud paints-gonna have to make a cheeky Glossier order again soon. Especially now that they’ve launched an SPF. A makeup product I’ve been loving lately is the Kevyn Aucoin Volume Mascara. I’ve never used a fibre mascara before and I LOVE it! It makes my lashes look amazing.

    Sophie | nanawintour.com

  • Evelyne Van Tittelboom

    Hey Katia
    My currect favs are:
    * modern renaissance palette – ABH
    * a lot of stuff from the ordinary
    * unlimited double touch liquid lipstick – Kiko