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Focus on the eyes.

Eyes are the windows to the soul and all that blabla aside, we need our eyes to look good, isn’t it ladies? It’s the center…

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SELF, natural beauty.

Speaking of beautiful products with a beautiful story, have you already heard of Self? Isabelle is quite the inspiration, making her own 100% natural beauty products…

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Life Update

Oops. It seems like I have missed a couple of articles this week – apologies! As always, life catched up, things happened and what better way…

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Now it’s finally available in stores, I can shine my light on CHANEL’s Summer launch. Quite literally since this one is called Dans La Lumière De L’Été….


PLOG: Snap away!

When do things become a habit? For the past few Sundays, I’ve been snapping some bits and bobs where I unpack my deliveries of…

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The Big Empties Edit #6

Another three months, another empties edit. Let me take you through my beauty trash, which doesn’t sound sexy at all, but is a good way…

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Marc Jacobs SPLASH in Cotton

Mister Marc’s SPLASH collection is one that evokes all kinds of memories with me. I recall my younger fragrance-loving-self wanted to have all the different scents in this collection….

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Self-tan favourites.

Since the sun has vanished for over a week now and I’ve no idea when she will make her comeback, I decided to take…

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Link love.

It’s time for some link love around here, something that I do way too few. Every week, I stumble up on some great Snapchat accounts, Pinterest…

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May Favourites

What better day to talk about May favourites, than the first day of June? Usually I’m way behind with my monthly favourite articles, as you may…

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New bits & bobs

Some of you have been asking how I was getting along with Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Look in a Palette. The answer to that is:…